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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter All!

I’ve decided to do church on television or the internet today. I am doing better today but not completely “up to par” as my dad used to say, and I don’t think being around 200 people at church would be the best of ideas. 303 more words

Psychology 101

The last time I cut my hair a few inches when I was married, my ex did not talk to me for 2 weeks. I don’t think I need therapy to analyze this ;)


Work Milestone

Earlier this month, I hit a significant milestone at work!  Imagine, thirty years with the same company!

When I graduated from college in Ottawa, I had three job offers.  328 more words


105 things to do instead of smoking

April 18, 2014

My therapist told me something that really got to me on a deep level. I guess that is what therapists are supposed to do. 533 more words

Cockatiels at Seven--Donna Andrews

This is part of the Meg Langslow series, which is in the “absurd” humorous mystery family.

I like an absurd mystery, and recommend them to people who can handle the randomness. 334 more words


Text Ex Ends & Still Sick

Okay, I just told my Ex (texted) that we really don’t need to be in contact unless it is regarding the dog. He actually hasn’t texted for a few days (until now) but I put a stop to it. 241 more words

Holding my Breath

  I feel like I am holding my breath.  I still find myself waiting for my life to start.  There is no one in the world who can do that for me.  837 more words