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Review of the FAQ's on JW.org

Like most corporate organisations the Watchtower have an FAQ section on there website http://www.jw.org. I was interested to see what questions they would put on here and indeed what response they have. 885 more words

Watchtower Magazine

12% of Jehovah's witnesses believe in acceptance of homosexuals?

A recent survey conducted in the USA by the Pew Research Center among different religious groups regarding views on homosexuality gave these interesting results:

Click on the picture if you want to enlarge it. 249 more words

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The purpose of this blog

When I was in the process of leaving the organisation, I made a Google search for “lesbian ex- Jehovah’s witness” and couldn’t find anything except one blog and a couple of threads on chat forums. 144 more words

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Watchtower victims memorial day - July 26th

Cult mass suicides are a well-known phenomenon. Many people are familiar with such events as the Jonestown, Waco and Heaven’s gate mass suicides. But there is one that seems to have gone relatively unnoticed: The Jehovah’s witnesses mass suicide. 172 more words

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The WBTS's hypocrisy in criticising Harold Camping

The leaders of the Watchtower Bible and Tract society are huge hypocrites. That is something I have know for quite some time. Still, I was absolutely gobsmacked at the WBTS’s blatant hypocrisy in the May edition of The Watchtower. 112 more words

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