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Do What is Right, Let the Consequence Follow

Do what is right; let the consequence follow.

Battle for freedom in spirit and might;

And with stout hearts look ye forth till tomorrow.

God will protect you; then do what is right!

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Finding Truth #Mormons

Reading the Bible in context is the only way to understand God’s will for your life. That kind of reading is called “Hermeneutics.”

Also, to understand what the Mormon Church really stands for, you need to go to the source and examine closely their beliefs. 489 more words

Sister Sarah

An "Insanely Long" Look at the LDS Church's Polygamy Essay

A longtime friend, whom I respect greatly, has written a long and thoughtful response to the LDS church’s recent essay about plural marriage in the early days of the church. 60 more words


My 2 cents about Joseph Smith and Polygamy....

Whoa Mormons! You don’t get to blame us for your lack of transparency in the past. When I say us, I’m talking about all of us…. 1,899 more words

Speaking Truth?

S.M. doesn’t like it when I take walks in the woods by myself. Our town is situated near a forest. It’s our very own Garden of Eden with miles of dirt pathways leading into quiet forests of pine and scrub oak. 702 more words


Urim and Thummim Not Required

A friend asked, “Say, has anyone else noticed that these essays are not being translated into other languages and posted on the LDS Church’s websites in other languages?“ 304 more words


More on the Polygamy Essays

I noticed that the Salt Lake Tribune has a couple of opinion pieces regarding the LDS church’s recent essays on plural marriage. I have commented… 844 more words