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Easter Weekend

For anyone who was once Mormon, you know how hard it is to tell people you’ve left because.. well, because they think you’ve been led away by Satan. 224 more words

Parental Narcissism

An old friend of mine from my days as a missionary was telling me about the struggles of some of his children, and I reassured him that all families have issues. 961 more words


Mass Exodus from the Mormon Church

Yesterday, while the 184th Annual General Conference of the (Mormon) Church took place nearby, two atheist groups led a mass resignation for Mormons who wanted to leave the Church for good. 42 more words

Ryan Hite

Grant Palmer: A Personal Review of "A Personal Review"

This morning I was drawn to Jonathan Cannon’s review of Grant Palmer’s An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins:

An Insider’s View — A Personal Review… 2,560 more words


Diary of an Ex-Mormon | Elder Wurtzbacher

I’ve found that it’s hard for me to recount my experience in absolute order.  It’s been so long, and I didn’t keep a very detailed journal at the time…  In fact, most of my entries during this whole experience was either about Jacob and how cute he was, or just parroting whatever a missionary or other Mormon had told me.   461 more words


I've Just Become a Fan of Chris Henrichsen

And this is the first time I’ve ever read anything he’s written.

We Are Already Seeing An Exodus of the Faithful

While I wouldn’t say that there’s an “exodus” of previously faithful Latter-day Saints from the LDS church, it’s obvious that the church is losing what I would call “core” members in numbers they haven’t seen since Kirtland in the 1830s. 618 more words