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Top 10 reasons to be a Mormon apostate:

**If I’m going to outer darkness for apostasy, I’m going there in a blaze of glory!**

1. Freedom! I can be myself.

It got to a point while being Mormon when I was just so tired of pretending to be someone I wasn’t. 3,469 more words

More missionaries going home?

Interesting article from Russell Arben Fox (his writing is always thoughtful and well-written, so I highly recommend him):

Are More Missionaries Returning Early?

I have no idea if more missionaries are coming home early or not, as I’m not really plugged into the culture anymore. 1,293 more words


A Powerful Mormon Conversion Story

A short video/audio clip of Carma being interviewed by Active Christian Media:

Carma Naylor

My Not So Mormon Blog

Hi all,

I’ve migrated my blog from blogspot here and I hope you’ll follow my trail!

As most of you know, when you ask me about God or Religion, I start to go blue and wave you off. 345 more words

Decision been made for you, LDS feminists

My good friend Bridget Jack Jeffries has a thoughtful and important piece in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Decision been made for you, LDS feminists

In case you don’t know her, Bridget is an Evangelical Christian who graduated from LDS-owned Brigham Young University and is currently studying church history at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. 95 more words


Does the Method Matter?

A few days ago, I read a message on an ex-Mormon web forum in which the poster wrote about a conversation he had with a believing member of the church. 519 more words


Name Change?

So, I was listening to church PR spokesperson Ally Isom’s RadioWest interview with Doug Fabrizio, and I was intrigued by her suggestion that the problem with “Ordain Women” is that it was in the imperative mood, as if Kate Kelly and her colleagues were dictating to the Brethren what the church should do. 278 more words