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Let's talk Sex.

A few months ago, while aimlessly Facebooking, I came across an Upworthy article about what is being taught today about sex in high schools. Being passionate about both those things, I clicked my heart out. 394 more words

Cache Valley

Becoming Agony Tate: Part 1

I want you to know who I am. It’s important to me.

My name is Agony Tate.  Of course that’s not the name I was born with, (seriously, what parent in their right mind would name their kid Agony?) but that is who I am now.  1,241 more words


Let's talk Excommunication and Dehlin.

Here’s what pisses me off the most:

John Dehlin loves the Mormon Church and what it represents at its core. Anyone can find him saying that in his own writing on his website. 314 more words

Cache Valley

Kirby Nails It

Once again, Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Kirby shows why he’s one of my favorite writers.

A Mormon Faces Toward Mecca

The other day someone suggested that there are people out there (perhaps even in my neighborhood) who have nothing in common with me. 799 more words


Subway in the Sky

I stumbled across this wonderful little video from the New York Times about Bolivia’s new “teleférico,” which is a tram suspended from cables, such as those you’d see in a ski resort. 492 more words


Off the Top of My Head

It’s late, and I should be in bed, but for certain reasons, I have to stay up. Naturally, my brain is going in a lot of directions at once, so why not write down what I’m thinking? 1,008 more words


Here we go.

When I was born, my parents took me home to their on-campus apartment at Utah State University, right in the heart of Cache Valley, Utah. For all but six months of my twenty years of life, this valley has been my beautiful home, little sprinkles of Brittney reaching from the Idaho border in the north to Sardine Canyon in the south. 372 more words

Cache Valley