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Travel Plans

So my wife and I have an agreement. To be fair I’m not exactly sure how much she agreed but nevertheless –there was some agreement. She does stuff for our new Zealand adventure and I blog about it. 352 more words


The House With No Sockets and Lights

When we were house hunting I was sitting at the back of the car while my good lady and her friend were talking away and driving to areas where there were new houses being built These were mainly gated communities, with security and in a lot of cases a shopping, community and sports area. 552 more words

Thai Culture

My Favourite Thai Currys

I am not a food blogger and I only discovered Thai cooking when I met my girlfriend. I had tried the occasional microwave green or yellow curry, but was not very impresses with the results so never really thought much about Thai food . 644 more words

Thai Culture

Road side Restaurants

It did not take long for me to discover the delights of the small, tinned roofed, makeshift, road side restaurants or I would call eateries. They are all along most main roads and at least one in every village. 804 more words

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Windscreen Wipers

So, there was I, sitting in the rear of the car, with the air conditioning on and relaxing as my other half was chatting away to her friend, who was driving. 884 more words

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What Goes Unsaid

I gave myself about a month to find and buy a house in Chiang Mai, and was told I was being very optimistic, so my advice is to give yourself longer and not follow my example. 847 more words

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The Do's and Don't of Thailand

I have decided to put together a list of things that you should be aware of , even if you are only visiting the country. 1,926 more words

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