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Look both ways IV (double)

It was such a unique and beautiful evening before the sunset, the sky dark and ominous, the ocean flat and glassy, the air giving both a clarity to glimpse distant shores and a dusky grey ambiguous horizon, behind, the hills bathed in gold. 38 more words

South Australia

Why Traveling Sometimes Sucks

While traveling can be one of the most enriching and memorable times in ones’ life, it can simultaneously be the hardest. And not because sleeping in hostels is sometimes uncomfortable and dirty, or because the cultural differences are too hard, or even because of the close calls getting… 657 more words

Living Abroad

Look both ways III

One way is historic Glenelg Town Hall, the Hindmarsh Monument, bustling Jetty Road, looking towards the Adelaide Hills. The other way, the serene (today) Gulf St Vincent and the remote Yorke Peninsula. 7 more words

South Australia

Rays, rainbows, refraction

The oversized sun as it sinks below the ocean…

I was thinking about refraction while watering the garden, and there was a rainbow in the water.

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South Australia


We spent the evening watching a spectacular sky show from both sun and moon.

The rippled cloud formation proved a perfect canvas for the sunset; an aerial spectrum from pink to peach until the normally sky blue sea turned purple. 63 more words

South Australia

Rush hour in Glenelg

Being jet-lagged provided the perfect opportunity to watch the sunrise- and the dawn rush hour.

This is the busiest time of day- the esplanade is a superhighway for runners, joggers, cyclists and insomniacs; the beach is awash with strollers, paddlers, photographers, dogs, owners, beachcombers inspecting the morning sea harvest (today hundreds of cuttlefish bones). 29 more words

South Australia