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The storm before the calm

Glenelg Jetty at sunset, taken for the Daily Post challenge Dialogue

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South Australia

Beach life

It seems that the whole of Adelaide is at the beach… But it’s not crowded.

Strolling from Glenelg to Somerton along the beach, we met our friends more or less by chance (as you do here).

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South Australia

Inner city fray

This is the shadow of a frayed palm leaf from a tree wedged between two office buildings in Adelaide CBD.

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South Australia

The first of Warmth

No one comes to the beach to be sad.

Here in South Australia it’s not yet spring, but today is the first warm day. Twenty degrees, blue skies (as ever) but the feeling of burn on my face hints of summer to come.

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South Australia

Riding into the sunset

Here in Adelaide we are blessed with perfect sunsets over St Vincent’s Gulf almost every day, one reason for my Instagram series #glenelgbeach365. A west facing beach is a relatively rare and wonderful thing. 52 more words

South Australia

Purple starfish

After a big storm, as  I was looking to take texture shots of the washed up shells, we found these purple starfish on the beach at Glenelg. 33 more words

South Australia

Sunshine and shark

On the night of my birthday there was a massive storm, the strongest winds recorded for a long time. Today the sun was out, the tide was out and the Sunday walkers were out. 123 more words

South Australia