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The Latvian question(s)

Last week we were turned away from the German club for the World Cup Final. Tonight the Latvian Hall was equally full, but this time we had tickets- to the South Australia Dog Rescue charity quiz night. 145 more words


Flight path

This blog is not meant to be either serious or political, but it is meant to truthfully reflect ex-pat experience. The whole world is shocked by the MH17 tragedy- twenty-eight Australians, nine UK citizens is enough to send both our countries into mourning. 125 more words


World Cup Final

Monday 4.30 a.m. Turned away from the full to capacity German club we met a young fellow in soccer garb, Muller printed on his shirt, staring at his phone looking lost. 118 more words

South Australia

Tales of the Riverland

“How do we get to Renmark?”

“Take the Main North Road… If you hit Darwin you’ve gone too far.”

First stop was round about here… 169 more words


On the buses

Almost no one uses public transport in Adelaide but today I have to take two buses and a tram. There’s a bus stop right outside my house which goes directly to my work. 147 more words



Brisbane in Queensland is unlike the other Australian cities and especially Adelaide. Sub-tropical, humid, jungle sprouting freely wherever concrete and asphalt give way, it’s a city and it’s a rain forest. 202 more words


World Game

Yesterday I asked if we had SBS.
“Sauvignon blanc semillon?”
“The TV station.”

Being a minority sport here, and therefore unattractive to commercial TV, every World Cup game is free to air on the station affectionately known as “sexa before soccer” (real name the Special Broadcasting Service, a national public broadcaster featuring programmes of a multicultural nature). 99 more words