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Selling a Cow to Buy a Computer

My housekeeper, Maria, asked me about a month ago if I could bring back a laptop from the US for her nephew. He is hoping to study engineering next year and the family thought it would be beneficial if he got a computer. 468 more words


Saying my Farewells to South Africa

In the same week that South Africa commemorates the funeral of former president and national icon, Nelson Mandela, it seems that I, personally, will be remembering the country itself – only from afar. 1,012 more words

South Africa

In the Beginning there was.... Bucharest

As I was chauffeured through the city from the airport, I glanced out of the window pondering my first taste of post Istanbul life. The sight of much lamented greenery lining otherwise unnoteworthy pavements was the first thing that struck me. 740 more words


A Letter from America

A big part of Stories My Suitcase Could Tell is encouraging ‘local travel’, the idea that if you treat your hometown like a tourist for a day, you’ll likely find there’s more to it than meets the eye. 317 more words


When I took the offer of a contract in Frankfurt several months ago – despite a complete lack of German language skills and knowledge about living in the country – I set about both trying to learn the language and find out more about the city I was planning on, at least temporarily, adopting as my home. 120 more words



“You realize,” said my co-worker, John, “That you are literally irreplaceable.” He said this after my supervisor did two things no other supervisor has done. First, he fixed my transportation receipts to make sure they were all perfect, and second, he arrange for someone to go to the visa office to pick up our passports so that we don’t have to take the 2 hour trip on the subway again. 1,035 more words

Big City

'Tis the Season?

The halls are decked with boughs of holly and stockings are hung by the fireplace with care, and yet, I can’t quite wrap my head around the season. 876 more words

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