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T-minus 10 days

12 months in New Zealand. Something mentioned off-hand in a text from Adam for the first time five months ago, in November. As great as it sounded it was not something I thought would ever actually happen. 301 more words


An Afternoon in Padua

Join me as I spend an afternoon exploring Padua, Italy!

So, Reader, as you might be able to surmise from the title of this post, I have no recipe for you today.   655 more words



The Euganean Hills, about which Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote so beautifully:

Beneath is spread like a green sea

The waveless plain of Lombardy,

Bounded by the vaporous air, 694 more words

Fitting Back into the USA

Letting Go

I know.  It’s been ages since I’ve updated.

I’ve opened up wordpress and stared into a blank page for minutes at a time, trying to compose my thoughts into something that flows and make sense.   1,379 more words

My Love, Shanghai

Rolling the Dice

There are a lot of things in my life as a middle school teacher that were unique to that world. For instance, in “regular” life, it is rare that someone comes running up to you wanting you to help someone who has fallen down (okay, probably more likely been pushed down if it was in middle school) and needs help. 1,109 more words

Random Musings

I Was Totally Mugged

Okay, it was the cutest mugging ever on record but mugged none the less. The really fun part about Sanjay being an old crippled man is that I get to go places all by myself and navigate Indian society with my “wha?” face. 689 more words


The rain came down and . . . phffft!

Friday was gray. Muggy. Windless. Wet.

And powerless.

Shortly after the rain began, the lights went out. With startling efficiency, a sign went up downstairs: “BEL: Emergency power outage. 363 more words