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Blowing away the Bunny with a Bang . Chapter 3. A Samian Summer

An explosion ripped through the air. I uncurled from my crouched foetal position on the ground and looked around in confusion. The sun was shining, the sky still blue, the hedgerow intact and alive with nodding spring flowers. 423 more words


More Chickens Coming To Roost

This is a very visual post with few words.

This is an update on the chicken wall hangings I’ve been making.  I’m going slowly but enjoying the process.   31 more words


Chickens & October Quilting in Cuenca, Ecuador

I have always loved the month of October. In the United States, deciduous trees change color and firey gold leaves come tumbling down on rifs of crisp air. 256 more words


'Ocean To City' - High Highs

High Highs are an Australian band based in Brooklyn. Check out their new track ‘Ocean To City’ their first official original material since their debut album, ‘Open Season’.

One fine night when we were all in bed ....

…… we got a call that we should get ourselves to Valparaiso pronto.

Yes, the house was on fire.  Turns out the plumber had been doing some soldering, between the ceiling and the upper floor, no protective shield ….. 595 more words

Document 57

Document 57 is available to view here and continued here.

Stanza ideas are separated by —


“A Silver Lining”

Two ex-pats,

Meet in the dark of the matinee. 154 more words


First Night Design | Dancing in Crete

Mr FND and I have become ex-pats by moving to the Greek island of Crete, the reasons for which will be revealed in a later post. 88 more words