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It's an ex-pat life for us

I saw a newspaper article recently that asked the question “what is the difference between an immigrant and an ex-pat?” I didn’t actually read the whole article, but the headline instantly brought a couple of key difference to mind for me. 789 more words


This is just me with my head in the clouds over Belize

Recently I was approached to do a little writing about our life in Belize by some publications  dedicated to turning ordinary developed country citizens into ex-pats. 1,379 more words


Guest Perspective: What Does It Really Mean To Be An Expat?

I have been fascinated with the expat lifestyle and wanted to share some of my fellow bloggers’ experiences. This is the first guest post from my good friend who blogs for A Momma’s View and now lives down under! 731 more words


5 Things I Miss About South Korea

In 2011, I was blessed with the opportunity to work in South Korea as an English teacher. I was in a “little village” of only 300,000 called Iksan. 820 more words


The Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived and with it nippy morning and evening temperatures, and an almost weekly frente frio – cold front – which means put on a sweater and perhaps socks once the sun goes down, and throw an extra cover on the bed. 1,704 more words


Providing an objective point of view

Welcome to the Leaping Elk Forum.

Throughout decades of challenging life experiences in business and personal life, I needed was a person who could listen to my situation and provide an objective view to help me keep things in perspective. 94 more words

Carers & Caregivers

Banking in Bogota

Colombian banks are somewhat of a culture-shock in themselves, for a number of reasons. Here, I tell of my experience of opening and having a bank account in Colombia.  842 more words