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America on My Mind.

My ex-pat friend based in Los Angeles recently wrote a piece describing what she misses about Australian food and even though I’ve been back from Atlanta for 13 years, there are still things I miss about America; the things that always seem to come up in conversation with either my husband or other people and that make me quite nostalgic for the good ol’ U S of A. 1,013 more words


Black Pudding

26 January, 8am, Australia.  Bacon’s sizzling, eggs are frying, mushrooms and a token slice of tomato are already cooked.  The feature item, black pudding, is proudly occupying its own frypan. 486 more words

Social Norms - Social Family - Social Media

My kids were merciless last night. As I’m dabbing my tears over my sister’s family’s departure back to Africa; they are blaming their four-year-old cousin Charlie for leaving a glass of water in the basement. 765 more words


Day 129

Well I’m back for another semester at Jordan. For the real adults out there, I have a question – when will I stop mentally demarcating my life based on an academic calendar that no longer applies to me? 647 more words

You vill comply!


The aqua sky’s cloudless and the chirps of the birds are carried by the gentle breeze.  I casually cycle past a man watering his front lawn, my skin and spirits feel pleasantly warm.  1,191 more words


Rolling Out A New Year of Quilting

People often seem to review the past 12 months as a new year opens ahead for each of us.  What do you make of 2014 in your personal life?   273 more words


It's an ex-pat life for us

I saw a newspaper article recently that asked the question “what is the difference between an immigrant and an ex-pat?” I didn’t actually read the whole article, but the headline instantly brought a couple of key difference to mind for me. 789 more words