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Providing an objective point of view

Welcome to the Leaping Elk Forum.

Throughout decades of challenging life experiences in business and personal life, I needed was a person who could listen to my situation and provide an objective view to help me keep things in perspective. 94 more words

Carers & Caregivers

Banking in Bogota

Colombian banks are somewhat of a culture-shock in themselves, for a number of reasons. Here, I tell of my experience of opening and having a bank account in Colombia.  842 more words


5 Musts for Teaching Abroad

Graduation Day 2007.

OMG what now?

This was my thought exactly.  The chatter about everyone’s plans for the future made this thought all the more scary.   632 more words


If it's November it must be Thanksgiving

The weather gets colder; the winter draws nearer and for another year I put away thoughts of going back to England. Five years in Georgia’s sub tropical climate convinced me that if (if?) and when I return home, going back in winter would not be a good idea. 681 more words

Sitting with the silence.

We moved house.

I needed to simplify.

I needed to not drive a 30km round trip to school any more.

I needed to not feel overwhelmed by the schedule. 1,066 more words


The First Rule of English Club (and the Dangers of Generalisation)

So before moving in with Saint Pete I joined an international ex-pat website, and last night I went to my first organised event, English Club… Yeah yeah I know, it’s not going to help my Russian, but I figured it was a good way to make friends with some locals wishing to practice English, and perhaps at a later date they would return the favour? 600 more words


Blowing the Bunny Away with a Bang . Chapter 3. A Samian Summer

An explosion ripped through the air. I uncurled from my crouched foetal position on the ground and looked around in confusion. The sun was shining, the sky still blue, the hedgerow intact and alive with nodding spring flowers. 423 more words