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Amber Rose Addresses Dating Rumors After She & Nick Cannon Show Off "His And Hers" Ferraris (PHOTOS)

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Last week Amber Rose made it clear that she’s still interested in reconciling with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, but somehow that confession hasn’t put a stop to rumors that she’s dating… 212 more words


Dealing with an Ex-wife.

Dealing with an ex-wife is a sentence I never imagined typing, let alone dealing with in reality.

Although it’s still early days i’m quickly learning that ex-wives are hard to please. 141 more words


Digits and Lightbulbs

And so here we are – the day when it all came to a conclusion. WF did her best, but being poorly represented coupled with not being the sharpest tool in the box along with her greed plain for all to see (oh yes, for the judge too), it all fell flat. 200 more words

Blisters and Harm

B’s working from home today, and thank God for that – currently he has the world weighing on his shoulders and has to spend tomorrow in court to try to disentangle himself from a woman so bitter she makes arsenic taste sweet. 255 more words

My Future Career...

Good evening folks. How goes it?

Good I hope.

I’ve had a busy day…and I’m not complaining lol…i didn’t have to work so I’m good. 241 more words

Totally Explains It

This picture right here. It totally explains why the shitbags live and breed more often than good people.

And yes, I do have someone in mind who is still alive.

An Open Letter to Ex-Wives

Ok, reality check.  You may have read one to many “open letters” to new girlfriends or step moms . . . I certainly have.  They are stock full of beautiful ideals and good intentions.  2,056 more words