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Being Nice Is Easier

I gave this card to the ex’s GF yesterday…. I’m really trying here, despite all of the drama. I’m #TooNiceSometimes, but it’s way too much effort for me to be mean.


A life event worth celebrating?

Happy Birthday! Job well done! congratulations!

Sorry to hear about your divorce.

I’m not. I cant wait. I have not been excited about an upcoming event in my life in a long time. 778 more words


Bank Statements and Happiness

So I sit here by my computer, my honey next to me checking his e-mails and going through bank statements. Then he discovers that this horrendous person also known as his soon-to-be ex-wife has plundered an account that he subsequently has to fill up. 459 more words

My Former Life.....Wife

Lately I have been having dreams of my first wife, Janice. I don’t remember my age at the time but I believe I was in my very early 20s when I married the most beautiful girl I had ever known at that time(and I still think she is gorgeous). 843 more words

Things I Love

When the past haunts you in the present

There you are enjoying life, embracing the Christmas spirit, and readying yourself for the holidays. You have the bright idea to create a pseudo scrapbook and gather pictures from your phone, Facebook and your boyfriend’s Facebook page to download and print out pictures. 637 more words

Botox and Relatives

Today my mother turns 64. It’s staggering to think, given she doesn’t look a day over 50 – without Botox and facelifts, her forehead is smooth and men eye her up any time we’re out and about, this beautiful woman I can’t quite believe is my mum. 835 more words

An Open Letter to My Ex-Husband’s Live-In Girlfriend

I wish I could address this to my kids’ stepmom, but you’re not married to my ex, so…
To my ex-husband’s live-in girlfriend:

I never imagined when I had my children that I wouldn’t be raising them in my home 100% of the time with their father. 1,438 more words