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The reality of reality

I didn’t mean to offend any MMA fighter at any level….you guys are crazy. I would never again sign up to get punched in the face again! 20 more words

Hell Hath No Fury Like…

A woman scorned.

These stories are about women being spiteful and using their kids as pawns because their ex is seeing someone else. I know there is always another side. 691 more words

Child/parent Relationships

Beauty From Pain

I promised at the beginning that I would keep this family friendly.  That will remain the case, and I have purposely kept things as l light as possible, and that shall remain the case. 881 more words

Fire Career

My Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Final)

Sitting on my porch this morning, drinking coffee…listening to music on Pandora (top hits of the 90’s, currently playing “N’sync”), and thinking…

I have been doing that a lot lately… 1,001 more words

Life Struggles

My Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Part 2)

I thought after a few days, that I would maybe feel differently then I did from my last post…truth is…

I don’t.

This is gonna be a total of three parts…this will focus on what my ex wife told me, and how it made me feel…tonight will be the final part, which could also be my last one for a while…I’ve already deactivated my Facebook account…I just feel like people would be a lot better off without hearing from me… 1,327 more words

Life Struggles

(Update)My Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Part 1)

Got home late…tired…going to bed…
Story of my life…
I’ll update tomorrow…


Ya know…I’ve always been calm…gentle by nature…I rarely get upset, I rarely get mad, and when I do there’s always a good reason for…ALWAYS. 292 more words

Life Struggles

To my EX!

We will always have people in our lives that are indelibly etched into our souls and spirits. No matter what transpires thoughts and memories will surface from time to time. 850 more words