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Ink Monkey Bones #12: Auguinare, the Blood of the Forge

The following Second Circle demon was originally designed for my first Exalted chronicle back in 2002. I wrote her up several years later for Manual of Exalted Power—Infernals… 1,218 more words


Puffed Up

1 Corinthians 4:6-7 “. . . that none of you may be puffed up on behalf of one against the other. For who makes you differ from another? 452 more words


Robert Vance teases us with mysterious trees!

Here’s another 3e spoiler from Robert Vance’s Twitter feed. Surprisingly, it isn’t written on a napkin, as is Vance’s wont. Fanbase consensus is that it’s for Dragon-Blooded Sail, but there are a few holdouts suggesting an Exigent Charm tree or some sort of Evocation cascade.


Zhaojun Chronicle: Session #3.1

With a week before he needed to report aboard the Pearl of Danaa’d, Zhao Suria Lautan decided to visit his family, who lived in a manor overlooking Jantan’s Hook, a giant-frog ranching village two days’ travel from Goldenseal. 788 more words


Tomb of Dreams index card teaser #2

Here’s another Tomb of Dreams snippet from Stephen Lea Sheppard’s Twitter feed. Unlike the previous teaser, Lea says he’s “Probably not using this idea.”

Consider yourself teased!


Status Report: July 26, 2014

Latest updates on my involvement with Exalted Third Edition:

I’d planned to start off by saying that I’d completely wrapped up my role on the 3e corebook, having finished my revisions to the setting and antagonist chapters and turned in my art notes. 170 more words


Tomb of Dreams index card teaser

Stephen Lea Sheppard just posted this picture on his Twitter feed, showing notes for the Tomb of Dreams quickstart adventure for the upcoming Exalted Third Edition release: