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Prayer for Japan: 30 Days--Day 21

Sorry this is late!

Day 21 (Apr 21st): Pray for the Japanese to continue to reflect on the resurrection and to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord (John 20:31) 160 more words

Passion Sunday 13 April 2014 - a gracious self-abandonment

Readings: Philippians 2:5-11; Matthew 27: 11-54


We sang a hymn on Tuesday that is 1200 years old. We didn’t do a great job as the words on the computer were a little scrambled. 1,743 more words

Sunday Morning Sermons


O God of My Exodus,

Great was the joy of Israel’s sons,
when Egypt died upon the shore,
Far greater the joy
When the Redeemer’s foe lay crushed…

220 more words

On the topic of milestones, with a discussion of how to make games great

If anyone was paying attention, this entry marks my first month on this blog.  It’s an interesting goal to have achieved, in that the goals that I set for myself were a little strange – post an entry every single day, make sure that it was more than 1,000 words, and hold to a particular level of quality for the topics.  2,552 more words

Gaming Philosophy

Back to the Rule of Five – Setting in the Exalted RPG

A little over a week ago, I looked at Exalted in broad terms, defining what made it different from the more standard fantasy games and giving a bit of an overview of some of the mechanics.  1,632 more words


Prompt: What does being a Solar Exalted mean to you?

To be a Solar is a process, a journey.

A Solar is gifted with power that no human being can truly grasp. It is not only the strength to do the impossible, but the responsibility to do the impossible. 394 more words


Exalted, in extremely general terms

As an exercise, I started listing out all of the different directions I could go when talking about Exalted.  I sketched out the things that I loved about the game, of which there were many.  1,666 more words