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Today’s Scripture Selection: Mark 16:19

(Note to faithful readers: Please excuse the bit of hedging on our alphabetical search through the scriptures.  X is a pesky little letter so I’m afraid we’ll have to settle for using words that have x somewhere in them!) 253 more words

Exalted: Language Families and Dialects

Some quick thoughts on languages in Exalted:

First and Second Editions both used the terms “language” and “language family” more or less interchangeably. 600 more words


Onyx Path Publishing 2014-2015 Scheduling Brochure released

Onyx Path Publishing has posted a free full-color PDF brochure that summarizes the upcoming books for late 2014 and early 2015. Fans should feel a frisson of familiarity, as it shares the glossy, full-bleed look of old-school White Wolf brochures. 109 more words


Ink Monkey Bones #15: Moon-Born Madness Assimilation

Not much to say about this one, other than that it’s very second edition. I can’t wait for Exalted Third Edition to be released so that I can talk about all the cool stuff in it! 154 more words


The Chronicles Of Heavenly Artifice CLXXV - Death and the Sleeping Duty

In Yu-Shan, Charles was still popping about via his transport amulet – which was the only reason he was remaining ahead of the ever-increasing delegation from the divine bureaucracy that wanted to talk to him; he was stirring things up with a lot more than Hipparions! 5,772 more words

Role Playing Game

The Chronicles Of Heavenly Artifice CLXXVI - The Conduit Of Pleas

Back at the pillar Astrid had managed to get an audience – but for later. She wasn’t saying anything else about it. Of course, she had just been handed a huge mass of secrets that she couldn’t share. 3,947 more words

Role Playing Game

The Silversmith Returns

One of my oldest RP characters – and certainly the oldest I’ve ever played in any Gorean sim – is David, my silversmith. I haven’t played him regularly for a long time now – a year, maybe two at this point – partly because I’ve been out of Gor, and partly because, well… he’s a city type through and through, and there’ve been no viable, bustling urban centers like the Ar, Venna, or Argentum where you might normally find him. 333 more words