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the circus--the clowns

Regardless of the love affair had by the liberal media with your president, and their avoidance of placing blame where it ought to lay, is typical of the ever-present evil (what gall from the dismissed) alive and well, and flourishing, in Washington (and elsewhere). 164 more words

Ink Monkey Bones #10: The Conquered Sun

Here’s a unique entity that I wrote for Compass of Celestial Directions: Malfeas. It got through my final rewriting pass before editorial cut it from the book for space; I’ve even heard that an illustration was commissioned and is floating around online. 338 more words


Exalted: Non-Alcoholic Beverages in Creation

Right now I’m pretty busy with another Exalted 3e assignment, but I haven’t posted anything since Wednesday. So let’s get back to that “Beverages in Creation” thing… 780 more words


Ink Monkey Bones #9: Unofficial Infernal Relics Errata

So, true story: When I was tapped to write the infernal relics chapter for Manual of Exalted Power—the Infernals, I hadn’t played Exalted for years. 4,372 more words


Zhaojun Chronicle: Session #2.4

Final episode of the session, starring Zhao Suria Lautan, our Eclipse-to-be naval officer (and the Night-to-be’s distant cousin). No dice rolls at all; the social rules stayed completely out of the way when we didn’t need them. 753 more words


Zhaojun Chronicle: Session #2.3

Here’s the third prelude of the second playtest session, covering the adventures of our soon-to-be Night Caste aristocrat-turned-smuggler. Things get a bit more interesting here, setting-wise. 1,340 more words


2012 Pokemon Dragons Exalted Mewtwo-EX Legendary Collector's Tin - Pokemon Black & White

Features 1 special foil Pokemon-Ex card, 4 Pokemon TCG booster packs and 1 Bonus Pokemon TCG Online Code Card. Expect battles that will stand the test of time in the Pokemon TCG: Legendary EX Tin. Made in USA