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Herramientas para crear un mapa mental

Un mapa mental o conceptual, ayuda a organizar las ideas, ordenar la información, y poder presentarla toda en un solo lugar de forma entendible y dinámica. 94 more words


Surfer's sustainable paradise

Surfboards are expensive so it is more financial necessity that most people opt for a second hand option of the wave-breakers. Being in New Zealand and hearing the term Kiwi ingenuity over and over again one can find hidden practices that could outline a sustainable future. 195 more words

How To Deal With Exam Stress, take 4

I’ve had four years to develop and refine my “dealing with Exam stress” methodology, and yet here I am stressed.

As much as we wish it wasn’t, stress is a normal and natural response to life. 246 more words

Be Well

You Are Not Your Parents

It’s about time to start posting on here more often..

I feel like this is quite relevant at the moment especially since its around exam time and a lot of young adults are feeling pressured by their own parents who are suppose to support them and not make them feel like they are failures if they do not succeed in the way their parents are expecting them too. 110 more words


madness and minutes

Salvadore Dali once said, “The only difference between me an a madman, is that I am not mad.”
I feel a little crazy. One minute I will be all like “Yeah! 357 more words


i just came back from a midterm. its safe to say i failed , like ill be surprised if i get 10% percent on it..i wrote my name and student number but those were the only things i was sure of..i wasn’t even sure of the course code or the date .. 16 more words

Learning log: no Korean this week

This week I even had to cancel my language exchange today in order to put in some extra hours of studying for my exam and to save the transportation time to/from uni.

Korean Learning Journey