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The 10 most useless tips to pass your JNCIE

Recently I’ve had a bunch of people asking me what to do on exam day to pass their JNCIE, from whether they should have coffee in the morning or not to what sort of breakfast they should have. 981 more words

Test anxiety tips: before an exam

With exam season upon us, here are some general tips that may help with test anxiety.  This first post focuses on things you can do before an exam, and the next post will be ideas that might be helpful for during an exam. 527 more words


An illogical great idea - Tips for making study notes

Logic is a process driven by reasoning. Here is a logical argument: Everything I need to know is in this book, if I read this book I will know everything. 749 more words


Exams are Coming.

The paper in your uni notebook is running out.  You’re missing lectures to make up for work you need to hand in.  The sun’s out but you’re stuck inside the library researching, looking on the outside where people actually have a life.  749 more words

"How to Approach Cost Accounting"


{I}.  While attempting a question on cost management, it is the most essential to read the requirement of the question carefully. 612 more words


Exam Instructions Aren't Suggestions

I overheard two blokes, discussing exam strategy, and one explained to the other, how he answers one or two more questions than required, to increase his chances of getting better marks. 340 more words


Don’t stress before exams

Exam time comes with a lot of stress. Then is the time to control the mind and give your best performance. The eleventh hour rush is not advisable. 698 more words