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Hello Again

Today it is a month till Christmas and months since I last posted. Sorry! D: I don’t really have a very good excuse. I suppose¬†school has played a part… but also just plain laziness and bad time management; often I could have blogged but just didn’t. 216 more words


How *not* to approach your doctoral viva exam. Or indeed your research.

If there were a league table of cool places to do doctoral degrees, it would have to be topped by Finland. It’s the only place I know where you are given a top hat and a sword on graduation (see picture), which is rather like being transformed into a rather elegant academic Ninja. 1,517 more words


Open: Exam season

It’s quite funny because everyone I’m passing seems about ready to drop like flies. Everyone’s head’s are drooping, their eyes are popping out from their skulls, their legs are bending so much that they might as well be shuffling forward on their knees. 14 more words


So…today I had two examinations. English Literature and Physics Triple Award.

I found the Literature exam so expressing, we had to write about a place of fun and happiness and I described a girl who’s happy place was at her brothers graveside and she had so much happiness here because she could finally connect with him once again. 133 more words


Test Preparation Tips

  • Preparation for your first test should begin on the first day of class; this includes paying attention during class, taking good notes, studying, completing homework assignments and reviewing study materials on a regular basis.
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An Hour - Final Matric Creative Writing Exam

I began to fix my hair in the mirror, but I rush as I do not want to waste any time. My hands are shaking as I walk down the corridor, I’m not sure if I’m nervous or overly excited, maybe a bit of both. 598 more words


Coursework Tanka.

What is coursework?
Necessary classwork?
Exam escaping?
Just dull and monogamous.
Mood ruiningly boring.
But it’s better than exams. :)