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Going Away is Good

We got home late as expected because of traffic. The three-day weekend ended and holiday-makers, like us, made their way back to the city. Tired and happy that this golf outing was another success, we departed and said our goodbyes in high spirits. 182 more words


CCNP Certification / BSCI Exam Tutorial: EIGRP Stuck-In-Active Routes

Passing the BSCI exam and earning your CCNP is all about knowing the details, and when it comes to EIGRP SIA routes, there are plenty of details to know. 345 more words



Wow.  I almost totally forgot this blog even existed.  But now that I have suddenly remembered it (and more impressively, remember the password for the account), I figured I may as well write a post.  739 more words

Revision Tip 1

I know for many it’s coming up to the start of the academic year but for those who are, like myself, part of the Open University or another institution who may have exams at differing times I thought it might be helpful to share some ways in which I revise. 320 more words

Compro 6 Exam Review (For Chrome Only)

As a review for the exam, this item will test out a combined looping and conditional statements. If the total salary left for the employee is less than 500, he/she is ‘Not Stable’, ‘Stable’, if otherwise. 84 more words


the test

I’ve been distracted lately. Well, distracted from writing. I’ve been focused on a test. A big, tricky exam I had to take for work. Weekends, evenings, and any downtime I could patch together in the office were dedicated to studying. 429 more words


CCNP Certification / BCMSN Exam Tutorial: QoS Service Types

To pass the CCNP exams, you’ve got to master Quality of Service, and the first step in doing so is knowing the differences between the different QoS types. 389 more words