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As usual, I start with the same sentence that I always start with, which is… I haven’t post in a while and so on so on, but this time I’m not gonna write about it or even apologize about it, I haven’t and that’s it. 500 more words

Before We Can Tell, We Have to Show

As I’ve been studying for an upcoming class on the Sermon on the Mount, one of the important things for me to come to grips with (and for me to help the class come to grips with) is the sermon in its contexts, particularly in Matthew’s presentation of the gospel narrative. 516 more words



Ominatio (o-mi-na’-ti-o): A prophecy of evil.

Lo, I say unto to you: putteth down thine milk that is chocolate and shaken!

Forsake thine onion-crowned patty of steer! 43 more words

Figures Of Speech

A Beautiful Work of Art

“For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.”  John 13:15

I guess I’m like a snail, Lord.  1,412 more words

People Of Faith 'Amos'

Amos was a Hebrew prophet of the eight century. An Old testament Book bears his name, but little is known about Amos, accept he was not a part of the court like Isaiah or Zechariah. 283 more words

OFJ -Old Fellow Johns Posts

Faith In Action 'Being Above Board'

A funny saying, ‘Above Board’, but it is referring to, having integrity, in all we do. Integrity is a word with deep meaning, and if everybody practiced it, we have no need for law enforcement. 331 more words

OFJ -Old Fellow Johns Posts