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Warning: Spoiler Alert

So you have your GCSE maths result and you are all set for A Level maths. You got an A or even an A*, just as you hoped. 730 more words


Funnily enough, you aren't a piece of paper

It’s now been a few weeks since I received my AS results and I thought it was time to write  a lil post about it. Despite schools and the government putting such a high importance on academic exam results, they don’t define you as a person. 94 more words

Step 2 CK...coming soon to a Prometric near you!

So finally after all the breaks in studying in over a year, I’ve finally decided to schedule my exam…I’m taking it (end of September) and that will be the end of it!  38 more words


Back To School: 6 Tips for Going back to school or starting school Pt 1

So summer has ended and it’s that time of the year again. The time where we must return to the institutions from hell!!! Just kidding! Going back to school or starting school doesn’t have to be stressful at all! 709 more words


Post Exam Escapism

Up until about March, I was ‘blogging’ for fun. Turns out that there isn’t all that much time for fun when you’re trying to turn around a degree grade without much idea how, anyway that’s by the by, and due to some unfortunate circumstances involving all that work not quite paying off the way I had hoped, I am now sat at home with more spare time then I know how to handle. 920 more words

It's back to school season; tips for freshmen

Hey guys!

Yeah…I know, it’s sad…everyone’s most dreaded month is coming back. It’s back to school season! For those of you who have already finished school, your routines and lifestyle are probably not gonna change so drastically, but for those of you like me who are busy preparing our closets, school supplies and rearranging our schedules, I decided to write this blog from the experience of have being in high school for two years. 1,151 more words


Summary, i guess?

So long since I last posted, with the last post posted when I just started my polytechnic life. Now, I am already in the midst of my semester examinations and this semester is going to end in about a week time… 651 more words

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