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I am not a perfect person. I can make mistakes anytime.
But still, I love those people who stay with me after knowing the real personality behind me.

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Goodbye Forever

So I kept to my word and handed over to M2 the iPhone4, which amazingly has been still surviving well without battery issues after I upgraded to the iPhone5S. 145 more words

IPad Mini

Thought of the Day- UNI :(

Seriously, I’v never appreciated my old job, my parents and friends as much as I do now that I’m living far away from home. I miss my friends so much and partying with them, I miss my parents food, I miss Toronto life…EVERYTHING. 346 more words

How to Study: Tips and Tricks from the Girl who was Surprised to get into University

When I was in High School the week before exams my mum would banish me to my bedroom, Starbucks Non-Fat Vanilla Rooibos in hand (because for some strange reason that was my go-to drink of choice). 1,031 more words


A Pep Talk

I have a headache and my brain keeps repeating “dammit dammit dammit” because I have more work to do this week than I thought and for some reason I just got really stressed out about it and I really wish I wasn’t. 232 more words


Becoming a Registered Architect

As you may have noticed from my previous posts the past couple of weeks I’ve been taking exams to become a Registered Architect. Let just say, it is intense! 281 more words

Support And Tips For Pelvic Exams

So, I m a trafficking/sexual violence survivor. And like many people with ptsd I do not do well with the increased vulnerability that comes with doctor s visits. 77 more words