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Aftermath of My First Science Exam in Medical School

I had my first medical school science exam this morning, and I can say the following with utmost sincerity: I had a phenomenal weekend.

For 60 hours, I locked myself in my apartment and delved into the vast oceans of cell biology, pharmacology, muscle physiology, metabolism, and molecular genetics. 306 more words

1st Semester

How many more of these are there?

Today we had our first dental school exam in embryology. It was definitely harder than I expected and now I’m terrified for biochemistry next week! … 15 more words


Little Chest Door

I have a friend who jokes that he is an asshole.  He’s not really an asshole, but rather more of a smartass. He likes to tease, but only about things that people don’t mind about.  736 more words


A self-correcting approach to multiple-choice exams improves students' learning

A study in our lab on the use of self-correcting exams was finally published in the journal Teaching of Psychology. We found that students actually benefit in their learning from implementing self-correcting exams in large lecture classrooms.


Things to do

I dag har kanskje ikke vært tidenes mest interessante dag, men etter helgens festligheter ble jeg nødt til å heller krysse av litt ting som var på agendaen. 240 more words


Stop. Wait. Take a Celfie.


Sixth form is completely different to what I had imagined, it has many pro’s and con’s. However, I will leave that all for another post. 83 more words


A New Direction - The Body, Human Beings and Evolution

So, I’ve finally decided what I want this blog to be. I thought it will be a good idea to make a blog for A-level students in the UK as there is no dedicated book yet. 594 more words