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The Return to my Blog (The Value of time and Making stupid bets)

Hello again guys!

Now I’m not going to do the whole cliché blogger thing where they come up with a gazillion excuses as to why I’ve been away and apologize constantly so I shall be straight up honest; I have been EXTREMELY lazy. 714 more words

October--- The First Ever What The Beck Posts!

Non-relevant to Easter

Life has been pretty crazy lately.  My ex-boyfriend Alex (the one I’ve been writing about) and I have been hanging out and talking a lot lately.   197 more words

Week 31, Day 7

Happy Easter Sunday from the depths of contract law studying to those who celebrate Easter and/or to those as obsessed with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs as myself. 33 more words



I`m in a quite strange time of life right now. Most common feelings nowadays are anticipation, anxiety and hope. May 16th is the day that I`ve been waiting for one year. 223 more words


feeling like a zombie at the end of finals season

i’m losing speed
running on empty
full of anxiety

and now for two brief
fleeting weeks
of much needed
“freedom” – to eat,
sleep, read and breathe… 16 more words

Creative Writing

Finding small joys in the monotony of exam season

Lately I’ve been spending most of my time studying for finals. All my exams are at the very end of the month back to back which is a pretty brutal schedule, I’d say. 517 more words

Late Night Ramblings III

I’ve got exams in 3 weeks.

“Am I ready?” you ask.


I’d like to say I was, but then I would be lying to myself and to you. 172 more words