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To catch a chicken

In general, nature has taken care of teaching chickens how to behave. They instinctually know to leave the coop in the morning and come back to to roost. 471 more words


Fucking Swiss People, Right?

Goddamnit. So I told you about this girl right? The one I brought to America ‘cause she’s nice and all? OH SHIT. Bad idea, people. I feel like she’s actually going to like Buffalo, New York. 1,854 more words



Or, Get Me The F— Out of Here!

Inspired by the last two weeks of my life

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not new to hostel living. 2,118 more words

Holidays are not all that they are cracked up to be

While children and most adults look forward to up-coming holidays, the same is not necessarily true about aging adults. Too much of any one good thing is overwhelming and can lead to exasperation and tiredness. 216 more words

Elderly Care

Time to Think Good or Bad?

If you have stumbled upon this blog, today—or you are a reader of this blog, it will in no way be inspiring. I’m trying to see some humor in the situation I have found myself in since my kitty came home from the veterinarian four days ago. 1,033 more words

Hide and Seek

He told me love never waits
For a meager flame.
So he set the house on fire
And found me once again.


Goot night, dahling!

It’s 10pm and you’re still on a sugar-high from decorating fairy cakes with your friend Sophia this afternoon. It might be more of a social high… 390 more words