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Impenitent to the end. I am completely in thrall to Esmeraldas. To Tallulah

Impenitent to the end. I am completely in thrall to Esmeraldas. To Tallulah. B.-. sometimes bursts out in exasperation, “——, what’s the matter!”, as I sit at my desk in silent contemplation of the disintegrating ruins and wasteland of my wasteful life, preparing to spend another £900 getting exploited by the whores of Munich or Berlin. 138 more words

Are YOU up for the challenge?

“55 worders” is a challenge to write a story using just 55 words. Not one word less, not one word more. A twist in the tail/tale makes the story more interesting! 88 more words


Tumultuous, bubbling about like teen angst

an angry sea of emotion bumping about my insides

like a pinball bouncing against the glass

that is my skin… 54 more words

Mom Would NEVER Have Told Me This!

Emotions---"E" is for EXASPERATION

I’ve heard and even used the word “exasperation” many, many times during the course of my 60 years on this earth.  I never really understood what it meant.   274 more words


We Do It To Ourselves.

As it has to be said, boredom does breed freaks. But an ally of boredom, and someone I know personally, is procrastination. 

Oh procrastination, the plague on all humans (and I do mean all. 335 more words

Mighty Mighty party at LI-Con

As you might know, the printer was late getting the first run of Mighty Mighty to Lunacon, but I’m still grateful to the Dark Quest Books… 293 more words