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The man who can't be moved

Sometimes, every now and again,  I feel unsatisfied in life. It can be an entirely normal week with nothing having gone wrong, and suddenly I feel so unfulfilled.  239 more words

Rants That Need To Be Shared

One Down (Only the Strong Survive)

It has been quite a long time since I’ve actually written anything.  I’ve started several times to put thoughts to ‘paper’ only to hit the trash button thinking that nobody really wants to read this crap.   1,073 more words


Classified Ads ...

Shredding machine …

For Sale

or Rent

Terms and conditions apply. Please get the bill payer’s permission. Only one shredder per household. No batteries required. No animals were harmed during the making of this advert. 9 more words


Caution: Vegetables

Today I managed to poleaxe myself just clocking out for my lunch break, thanks to the utter disregard for health and safety (and my own personal propensity for clumsiness), as I tripped on a stack of bread crates and landed headfirst in the potato sacks. 202 more words

So many things, 30 years to do it.

There are still a few boxes to unpack (the office, 3 boxes of framed photos/art, and a junk drawer), but I have no interest in hurrying to unpack them. 74 more words

Home Improvement

Boy With a Broken Mind

Everyone knows today’s the day
They’ll take him away.
To be confined behind bars; what a sweet escape
For a boy with a broken mind. 100 more words



You know, you would think after twenty-six years – the first twenty-one of which seemed to be pretty smooth, like we could communicate – and two and a half years of different types of therapy, that two people would be much better at communicating and avoiding conflict. 934 more words