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Microsoft Says What They Really Think

Thanx to Debra over at Contextures for letting me know about this presentation from the Office 365 Garage Series:


What we’re seeing here is an open statement by Microsoft that full-featured client Office is dead and that we must all grasp onto the Web-based Office.   533 more words

Excel 2013

Parse WinDbg wt command output by converting it into CSV

The output of the WinDbg wt command (trace and watch data) looks like this:

  105     0 [  0] MyModule!myFunction
    1     0 [  1]   MyModule!ILT+1555(_printf)
    9     0 [  1]   MyModule!printf
    1     0 [  2]     MyModule!ILT+370(__stbuf)
   11     0 [  2]     MyModule!_stbuf
    1     0 [  3]       MyModule!ILT+1440(__isatty)
   14     0 [  3]       MyModule!_isatty
   50    15 [  2]     MyModule!_stbuf
   17    66 [  1]   MyModule!printf
    1     0 [  2]     MyModule!ILT+980(__output)
   59     0 [  2]     MyModule!_output
   39     0 [  3]       MyModule!write_char
  111    39 [  2]     MyModule!_output
   39     0 [  3]       MyModule!write_char… 89 more words

Star finding

A customer recently asked whether there is a spreadsheet in this suite that would show which celestial objects are available for observation at a given time from a given location.  135 more words


Plotting of a celestial LOP

The recently extended spreadsheet intercept.xls:

can be used in alternative ways to plot the same line of position (LOP), as shown in this demonstration video.

(first published on October 28, 2011)


Excel Tips – How to Select All Cells Matching A Particular Criteria in Excel 2010

Excel Tips – How to Select All Cells Matching A Particular Criteria in Excel 2010 What do you do if you need to select all cells matching a criteria like a specific word, character or value and you want to look at each cell individually… and then possibly edit them? 140 more words

Summer solstice 2011

Today on June 21 we mark the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.  This is the day when the Sun reaches its maximum northern declination (Tropic of Cancer).  152 more words


Greenwich Hour Angle of stars

A “sight” in celestial navigation consists of measuring the body’s altitude with a sextant and marking the time of that observation using a chronometer.  The celestial “line of position” (LOP), along which the observer is located, is a circle whose radius (called “zenith distance”) is deduced from the sextant altitude measurement.  411 more words