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Free classes at public library

I have taken advantage of two free classes at the Harrisburg Branch of the Cabarrus County Public Library System recently. You can’t beat FREE!

I took a PowerPoint class because I think that skill will eventually come in handy with my writing. 143 more words

What Makes Peace? 5 - Excellence

Hello, mane is Christopher Dryden, I am a peacemaker.

A commitment to making peace is a commitment to joining God in the realisation of what He had seen in the beginning – that which is good being complete and being very good. 434 more words


Now Take'm Apart [Text to Columns]

Let’s take apart (Parse) the list we just put together “Concatenate ” by using a feature called “Text to Columns136 more words


Having questions about the TRIRIGA offline email solution

Is there an architecture diagram available on how TRIRIGA interacts with the email server? How is the data extracted from the Excel spreadsheet? How does TRIRIGA handle the data extraction, how is it controlled and what security measures are taken (if any) to validate the email being sent?

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Concatenate [Put'em Together]

Often times we receive files with names in them and may have preferred them with first and last names paired together.  Concatenate does a splendid job of doing exactly that. 127 more words


How Dates Work

Have you ever wondered how Excel is able to calculate dates with swift accuracy? 165 more words


Comparing dates between

Here is code to determine if a day falls between two specific date-times:

Sub Hello()

  Dim now_its
  Dim yest_was
  Dim row_ptr As Long

  now_its = Now
  yest_was = DateAdd("d", -7, Now)
  row_ptr = 2 ' skip header
  While Cells(row_ptr, 1) <> "" ' assumption: no blanks in 1st col
    Dim cur

    cur = Cells(row_ptr, 1)

    Cells(row_ptr, 2) = DateDiff("d", yest_was, cur)
    Cells(row_ptr, 3) = DateDiff("d", now_its, cur)
    Cells(row_ptr, 4) = DateDiff("h", yest_was, cur)
    Cells(row_ptr, 5) = yest_was
    Cells(row_ptr, 6) = now_its
    is_after_yesterday = False
    is_before_cur = False
    If DateDiff("d", yest_was, cur) = 0 And _
      DateDiff("h", yest_was, cur) >= 0 Then
        is_after_yesterday = True
    ElseIf DateDiff("d", yest_was, cur) > 0 Then
        is_after_yesterday = True
    End If
    If DateDiff("d", now_its, cur) = 0 And _
      DateDiff("h", now_its, cur) <= 0 Then
        is_before_cur = True
    ElseIf DateDiff("d", now_its, cur) < 0 Then
        is_before_cur = True
    End If
    If is_after_yesterday And is_before_cur Then
        Cells(row_ptr, 8) = "IS BETWEEN!"
        Cells(row_ptr, 8) = "NOT IS BETWEEN"
    End If

    row_ptr = row_ptr + 1
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