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Three Benefits Of An Easter Egg Hunt (2014)

1. Full baskets.

2. Exercise.

3. The act to step outside.


An outside activity involving eggs-

With high anticipation and running legs.


Recap of the last days

This week I really took off again on my endurance training. I can still feel my knee hurt a little but I try to counter this by running on soft gorund and doing strengthening exercises for my knee and hip with the Theraband. 354 more words


Lady "Leaks"

 Gals over 20, if you don’t want to “LEAK” when you cough at age 50, you need to learn to Kegel.

Not sure what it is?  120 more words


Get rid of love handles today

So if you really want to get rid of those annoying love handles the solution is diminishing your overall body fat percentage. Eating a wholesome overall diet will not only slim your love handles, however it will expose those abs muscles that have been hiding under your excess body fat. 280 more words

Spring Awakening

Does anyone else feel absolutely rejuvenated and reawakened with the arrival of spring? I mean yes, yesterday I had to scrape snow and ice off my car before i went to work even though Monday I was wearing shorts and it was 70 degrees (thanks New Hampshire, you’re so cool) but overall spring has arrived. 303 more words

Diet Product Review: April

Boots Dual Action Carb & Fat Control 60 Tablets (£25.99)

As I am now loosing weight consistently I thought I would review some products relating to weight loss. 158 more words


Self Medication

Have you heard the saying; “What’s your poison?”. Well, what is it? What do you turn to when you’re in need of any kind? Or maybe it’s not “what” but “who”. 360 more words