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Geocaching for Grandparents

Top of my bucket list

Not only does it interest me because I like to travel around and see new things but it strikes me as such a perfect activity to do with my grandchildren. 160 more words


Excercise ideas to target the glutes 

Below are 3 of my favourite excercises that will really target your glutes.

1. The jump Squat (my Favourite)

Great for the glutes but also amazing for the quads improves overall strength. 181 more words


Simple tips to lose weight in 13 Days

These simple tips will ensure you lose weight in 13 days!

  1. 1. Eat slowly. Enjoy each bite and make it last a bit longer in your mouth, because the brain signals that tell us we are already satisfied are slow bites as if we eat fast we can get to eat more than we need.
  2. 611 more words

The "Aha!" Moment in the fight against that boomerang belly.

We all have mirrors and we all want to look good in the mirror. Frustration comes about when we see things we don’t want and have been struggling to change but cannot on a long term basis. 209 more words


Are You Sitting Too Much? before computer

This is one must and should video you all IT and VFX guys should take care of….not only them mainly PC gamers and bloggers with sitting job  too…..Watch out the risk guys.

Salut AsapSCIENCE for their efforts.


Healthy Gut= Happy You

There are some simple steps to gut health that a health provider can help with.  This is a series of short blogs that will describe each step. 138 more words


You are on your own

One thing that’s happened after I’ve become a PT – is that random people seem to think that I’m passionately interested in everyone’s health and training. 338 more words

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