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Slimming world Week 2

Haven’t posted in over a week! I’ve been really busy trying to declutter the house and sort out my wardrobe!

I’m going into my 3rd week of slimming world. 146 more words

I'm in a Cult

I’ve joined a cult. The SoulCycle cult, that is. I tried my first class this past Monday and have since attended 4 others. I finally get the hype. 276 more words


Goal progress pt. 1

I know I know I probably shouldn’t be too overly happy five days into my whole “quit being walking pack of ramen” health kick but I’ve got to admit, I feel fucking amazing. 326 more words


Woes the last few weeks

Woes include:

Pooping two or even three times a day because it doesn’t feel like poop stats in that long. Its mushy.

Numbing legs because you are constipated from pooping… 47 more words


Hoover, gone but not forgotten!

When I stop people to steal a snap of people’s favourite pooch … I do worry if they mind being upstaged by their four legged friend! 397 more words

Day 5...A pleasant surprise!

Hello my beautiful WordPress family! How have you been today? We had rain and drizzle but it was not super cold. It never ceases to amaze me when I see people at my job wanting windshield wipers while it’s raining, and they can’t put them on! 334 more words


New Year, New.....Please pass the french fries.

Hello mom! Yea, I’m not trying to fool anyone here. I’m sure the only person reading this is my mother. So now you’re asking yourself why I would ┬ástart a blog that is only being read by my mother. 198 more words