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My Emotional and Healthy Self: Dealing with my Anxiety

Anxiety is truly my sickness and is something I continually deal with. My anxiety has always been characterized by tightening in my throat, headaches, nervousness, feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared but last March/February I had an intense pain in my chest (including everything else) that lasted a month. 844 more words

Life Lessons

I'm Sure I've Lost my Mind

I think I may have a low grade sinus infection. That plus working too many hours and being overly tired, I’ve made some entertaining moves. … 418 more words


The Change

1. appearance.

I have decided to become more fashion conscious, or at least pay more attention to what I’m wearing instead of just throwing on whatever is first in my closet. 536 more words


Death Can Take Many Forms

I want to die first so I never have to lose the people I love. 


A lot has happened this past year. Highs and lows, flukes and failures, but nothing can compare to the death that looms in my life right now. 216 more words


Be a climber - not a puller

I’ve been thinking about a bit of a phenomena this week. Or at least I think it is a phenomena, correct me if I’m wrong. It’s related to that statement “Stop the glorification of being busy”. 398 more words


Two items you NEED to remember to take to the gym.

Even if you forget your spare pants, socks or even your t-shirt, nothing is more important for progression than a notepad and pen.

Recording your workouts allows you to incorporate the most simplistic of concepts for improvement – overload. 190 more words


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"Running releases more than just sweat"


Sometimes I enjoy running. And sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I run far. Sometimes I run fast. Sometimes I run slow. Sometimes I just walk. I actually really enjoy going for walks, and I mean long, fast walks. 784 more words