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I'm no longer a Liar!

My driver’s license says I weigh 190.
It has said that since 1998.
Some DMV associates asked me if any of my information had changed and I, pointedly, would say “nope.” 169 more words

Its time to share your own story

We are looking for new guest bloggers to share their knowledge and experience on Bariatric Daily.

The blog has a lively readership from countries worldwide, from USA to Brazil to UK to Germany. 68 more words

Facial Plastic Surgery For Women

Plastic surgery has helped to change and correct many facial features in women giving them a chance to live life more confidently. Both young and old women choose to undergo… 315 more words


Ex-50st Zac Smith man demands NHS Wales obesity rethink

A former 50-stone man who was refused NHS bariatric surgery because he was not classed a serious enough case, says NHS Wales should rethink how it treats morbidly obese patients. 509 more words