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So Excessively Awful I Can't Even Show It to You

So. I painted this awful picture the other day, and it wasn’t even like a “hey, this is awful, let’s show it and write about my mistakes… 88 more words


Let’s talk about Costco- the late capitalist haven of over-consumption and environmental degradation. The idea, which I presume to be primarily American and limited to North America (is Mexico included in this? 887 more words

11.30.14 just can't get enough

Hey guys, is this enough bracelets for a person to wear?

How about this? Is this enough? Just let me know when I cross that threshold of “reasonable quantities of bangles” and enter into “obscene quantities of bangles”, okay? 96 more words

Today's Bangle

High Tide for the Market?

Recently it seems like the S&P has been making new all-time highs almost daily. So much so that journalists have become bored with constantly reporting the same thing and investors have become desensitized to rising prices. 942 more words

Blog Post

The Scent Of Attitude

Attitude is like perfume. A little bit enhances and often increases your attractiveness. Too much and you’re gagging everyone around you. Don’t over do it. Use sparingly.


There Is Strength For Your Journey

Day # 16: Today, you can be thankful that there is strength for your journey.

There is inner strength for the journey when we have accepted our life assignment. 158 more words

You Belong on the Radio - U.S. Music Charts (2)

It’s time for another charts session and it’s also time for the U.S. billboard charts again. That’s all you need to know, let’s start!

#3 Tove Lo – … 10 more words