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365 Grateful: 12.18.2014

Green holly and red berries are a holiday icon.¬†Charlie’s cousin and his family sent us a small holly tree — a tabletop tree, it says — as a housewarming/Christmas gift. 73 more words


the kids of caravaggio

  • minimalism
  • less is more
  • zen culture

please a tsunami that sweeps this all away

it’s been more than a decade now and i have not heard anything else than these three keywords from the mouths of people indeed so baroque in life’s attitude and ways that they’ve always pushed me to fat laughs… 199 more words


The Colourful Stripes

The last Postcard From Far Away was very colourful, wasn’t it! It made for a great Art Outtake, if I do say so myself. Below is what I’m calling… 18 more words

Substance Abuse

For more than a thousand years now, ulemas, or Islamic scholars, and, consequently, the absolute majority of Muslims have held firm the belief that alcoholic beverages have been declared haram, or forbidden, by Allah (God). 1,859 more words


Nothing succeeds like excess. 

Drunken Library


In my fridge, a fresh, homemade cheese is cooling. On my kitchen counter, three floury apples that are waiting to be turned into muffins for today’s breakfast. 89 more words