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Usefull Exchange Commands

Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus –Server exc-mailcms2

Test-MAPIConnectivity –Server exc-mailcms2


Dismount-Database “Exc-mailcms2\SG01\MS01″

Mount-Database “Exc-mailcms2\SG01\MS01″

Suspend-StorageGroupCopy “Exc-mailcms2\SG01″

Resume-StorageGroupCopy “Exc-mailcms2\SG01″

Exchange 2013

Check database size in Exchange

For Exchange 2007, open Exchange Management Shell and execute the following command:

Get-MailboxDatabase “Mailbox Database” | foreach-object {add-member -inputobject $_ -membertype noteproperty -name mailboxdbsizeinGB -value (::Round(((get-wmiobject cim_datafile -computername $_.server -filter (‘name=”’ + $_.edbfilepath.pathname.replace(“\”,”\\”) + ””)).filesize / 1GB),2)) -passthru} | Sort-Object mailboxdbsizeinGB -Descending | format-table identity,mailboxdbsizeinGB… 20 more words


Office 365 Hybrid Configuring Using Windows Azure – Part 6

I tried to keep this article series as brief as possible and cover end-to-end configuration of Exchange and Office 365. This should give you a complete understanding to take the base on-premises exchange environment and integrate with the Office 365 in the hybrid mode. 1,306 more words

Exchange 2007

SSL Certificates for Microsoft Exchange

One stop shop for information about certificates

I came across a post from digicert and found useful information about certificates.

Click here to explore the same.

Exchange 2010

Office 365 Hybrid Configuring Using Windows Azure – Part 5

We are almost done with the preparation of the environment to work in the hybrid mode. In this part, we will be performing the final configuration of enterprise on-premises Exchange servers and Office 365 to work in the hybrid mode. 861 more words

Exchange 2007