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Exchange Powershell Tip #10

Exchange Powershell Tip #10

Find list of mailboxes which are having more than one primary SMTP address in an Exchange environment.


Usefull Exchange Commands

Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus –Server exc-mailcms2

Test-MAPIConnectivity –Server exc-mailcms2


Dismount-Database “Exc-mailcms2\SG01\MS01″

Mount-Database “Exc-mailcms2\SG01\MS01″

Suspend-StorageGroupCopy “Exc-mailcms2\SG01″

Resume-StorageGroupCopy “Exc-mailcms2\SG01″

Exchange 2013

Change the display name that external users see

I found that it was possible in an Exchange Server 2010 and 2013 environment to change the display name that external users see on your email, to the Simple Display Name rather than the Display Name that appears in the GAL. 192 more words

Exchange 2010

Issues creating an appointment in Shared Mailbox

So came across this head scratcher today. Had a user that up until today has been able to create appointments within a shared mailbox calendar without any issues. 87 more words

General IT


my customer ran into a problem that his exchange server just didn’t receive any mail no more or couldn’t send mail also.

when i checked the mail queue i found the following error: 71 more words


Check database size in Exchange

For Exchange 2007, open Exchange Management Shell and execute the following command:

Get-MailboxDatabase “Mailbox Database” | foreach-object {add-member -inputobject $_ -membertype noteproperty -name mailboxdbsizeinGB -value (::Round(((get-wmiobject cim_datafile -computername $_.server -filter (‘name=”’ + $_.edbfilepath.pathname.replace(“\”,”\\”) + ””)).filesize / 1GB),2)) -passthru} | Sort-Object mailboxdbsizeinGB -Descending | format-table identity,mailboxdbsizeinGB… 20 more words