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Understanding Sharing Invitation Requests – EWS Managed API 1.2

Understanding Sharing Invitation Requests – EWS Managed API 1.2 : Part 1

Apr13 by mikewillcode4food

Before I go into details on exactly how to accomplish programmatically creating a sharing invitation in C# for Exchange 2010 like it’s no big deal, I want to put a disclaimer down right up front: 6,801 more words

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Blocking Outlook App for iOS & Android

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the immediate availability the Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android preview. These apps are the former app named Acompli, which was… 476 more words

Exchange 2010

Mailflow issue between Exchange 2010 Exchange 2003

First of all check that routing Group connectors are installed /and configured as bi-directional, between these machine.

Next, if the mailflow is working in/outbound from Ex2010/2003, but you just cant send mail from 2010 to 2003, please check this: 84 more words


Renewal of certificate in Exchange 2010

If you have tried to renew a certificate in Exchange 2010 and find that the file is useless because it’s in a strange format. The certicate issuer dosn’t like this format. 26 more words


Determine the Rollup

To determine the Rollup that has been applied to Microsoft Exchange 2010, run the following command in the Exchange Management Shell:

GCM exsetup |%{$_.Fileversioninfo}


Error: Setup cannot continue with the upgrade because the “beremote()” process has open files

This error will happen if you have a third party backup software installed in your Exchange Server environment.

In my case I had Symantec Backup Exec 2012… 14 more words


Get device statistics for your devices


(Get-CASMailbox –ResultSize Unlimited -Filter {HasActiveSyncDevicePartnership -eq $True} | Get-Mailbox) | ForEach {Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $_} | Select-Object Identity,DeviceType,DeviceUserAgent,FirstSyncTime,LastSuccessSync | Export-Csv c:\user_devices.csv –NoType