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Mobile Device Management in Office365

There is a virtual explosion of Mobile devices at the Workplace. Almost everyone at work now uses his Mobile device for tasks related to work. While this has led to an increase in productivity , the downside is that the Mobile device has now become the single biggest source of leakage of Corporate Data . 131 more words


The need for a cloud Plan B

For most important decisions that you take in life it’s wise to have a Plan B. Something that you can do to reverse course should the unexpected occur and you need to revert to a previous position. 833 more words


Litigation Hold vs In Place Hold

In the previous versions of Exchange (Exchange 2010) and Exchange online (Office 365) previous service version , the term litigation hold is introduced

Litigation Hold , is to allow you to immutably preserve mailbox content to meet long term preservation and eDiscovery requirements. 115 more words

Exchange 2010

Retention policies: the fat-busters of the Exchange world

Exchange messaging records management (or MRM for those who deal in acronyms) has long been an interest of mine, if only because it seems to me that it makes a heap of sense to have some intelligence that processes user mailboxes to clear rubbish out on a regular basis. 864 more words


Understanding: Lync client Configuration Information

We use many tools to troubleshoot Lync.

the “Lync Configuration Information” option on the Lync client actually provides a lot of useful information about how the client connects to the server and can help identifying issues. 1,313 more words


Increase Collaboration with Calendar Sharing

We all use Calendar in our phones and the PC. Using Office365 , you can sync your Calendar across all your devices . But today I want to discuss a nifty feature available in Office365 by which you can share your Calendar with your Colleagues. 36 more words


Connecting powershell to Exchange Online

You will find plenty information about this in various blogs around the net, but I find it useful to have this summary available.

At the time of writing you need is to run powershell on Windows 8/Server 2012 or newer. 112 more words