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What is wanderlust anyways?

I see people using the word wanderlust a lot. They get it tattooed and write it everywhere and talk about it on the internet, but… 468 more words



Today was an incredibly fun day, but boy am I tired. I started my day out on the late side. I forgot that my mom’s car was broken and we needed to take the bus to get to school, but as soon as my mom reminded me, I got up and out fast. 462 more words

Adventures In China

My 1000th Vulnerable Feeling

Today I learned that if you cannot laugh at yourself, you’re making your life a whole lot harder.

When you study abroad, it is possible that you are immersing yourself in a culture where you don’t yet know the norms, or you’re speaking a foreign language in order to literally get by. 408 more words



Hello everyone,

A few days ago I learned that I was going to leave in september instead of august as I still don’t have a host family. 270 more words


Singing and Biking

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I have been distracted by amazing things. Yesterday I ate some tofu at the restaurant at the bottom of our old dorm building, and then I explored the mystery/creepy staircase in my old dorm building. 1,393 more words

Adventures In China

A Month Today!

Not Long Now! Time flies when you’re having fun… (or working hard in my case)

Since my last post not a lot has changed if I’m being honest! 1,083 more words


This City Skyline

I fell in love with a city. In Chicago you’re surrounded by beautiful architecture, peaceful lakes, and luscious greenery. It’s such a diverse city with all sorts of different people living in various  communities. 12 more words

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