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Getting a UK Visa

The process to get a UK Tier 4 (student) Visa was extremely confusing to me, regardless of the numerous orientations I attended and websites I read through. 510 more words

Study Abroad

Dressing for Church

A mistake I made while on exchange to Rome was my outfit choice when visiting churches! Italy is a predominantly Catholic country where until recent times women would cover their heads when in church, and men had to remove their hats (At home I attend a conservative church where these rules still apply!). 323 more words


Marking the Beginning of the Journey

I’m currently staring at my pink flower-printed planner and it’s miraculously empty.

Well, I guess that was it. I finally survived the most drilling semester I’ve ever experienced. 223 more words


Tea Talks

Imagine looking out a dorm window and seeing pouring rain. The air conditioning is blasting and the television is blaring American Horror Story. It’s sort of late and you are expecting a guest but you highly doubt that your guest will arrive. 309 more words

Sunsets and Typhoons

Today was a fantastic day. It began pretty well. I woke up without my usual morning stomach pains (I am not pregnant guys, it is just food cramps), and then ate some food at the canteen with my mom for breakfast. 1,713 more words


This aside is an announcement!

Coming soon: the adventures of a Kiwi AFSer.

Yep, you read it correctly. Inspiration has struck and the ideas are flowing. 313 more words