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In the beginning...

… there were four families who were touched by orphans.  Some through adoption, some through hosting orphans but all had been touched by a child. A child, who needed love, who not only needed some one to care for them but needed to care for some one else.   294 more words


Tongue Twisters: Lost In Translation

As is often the case, something is said and the unexplained synapses takes place.  When in a house with 4 teenage girls of three differing nationalities, it is sometimes hard to remember what the catalyst was for the mental belly smacker.   447 more words


Canada. Toronto. Niagara Falls.

So, yeah, I’m in Canada.
Exploring Toronto while flat hunting while partying while meeting new people while trying to grasp the fact I’m actually here. … 187 more words


Our Visit To H-Mart

Our exchange students have completed their first two weeks in America and their first full week of school.  And, if I was in a foreign country, this would certainly be worth a reward!   619 more words

Exchange Students

I got the “moving-my-kid-into-college” blues

I did not anticipate how difficult it would be to move my hostdaughter into her University of Kentucky dorm room last Saturday morning.

This has been a very event-filled summer for Pam and I as hosts of high school exchange students for the past five years. 681 more words

10 Struggles Of Being An International Student

Disclaimer: This list really only applies to the United States.

1. The struggle that is, “You speak  English so well.”

At first you’re like, “Um, what?” Then you realize many Americans don’t know a lot about how the rest of the world works. 978 more words

Weekend in Batam

Batam island is a small, Indonesian island about one hours ferry ride off the south of Singapore. It is very popular with locals and expats living in Singapore that are keen for a weekend away from Singapore’s strict rules and expensive prices. 823 more words