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Collection of Travels | Part V

The fifth edition of Collection of Travels features Bernard, who went on exchange to Lund!

Where did you travel to?

Lund, Sweden

Why did you choose Lund? 541 more words


Get Exchange version Details

want to know the  details of exchange server version with role,edition,admindisplayversion.

Download or copy below code and get the details.


c:\Scripts\ps\Technet> .\PowerShell_Script_Exchange_version.ps1


$ExServers = Get-ExchangeServer |sort Name 
ForEach ($EX in $ExServers) 
  $Version = $EX.ExchangeVersion 
  $output = $EX.Name + " [" + $EX.ServerRole + "] [" + $EX.Edition + "] " + $EX.AdminDisplayVersion 
  write-host $output 
} 26 more words

Store PSCredential in a file as secure string

When you do automation you may need to schedule the script to run on specific time or we may need to run the script against more number of servers and you use same or different credential to run the script. 143 more words


User Mailbox Quota details

This powershell function provide the mailbox quota of the user with details like user current mailbox size , the status of the mailbox , indivitual squota settings(send/receive/prohibit). 257 more words


User Mailbox Active,Passive copy in DAG

o identify the active and passive copy of the user mailbox database server is tricky, especially when  identifying the lagged copy server to perform the mailbox/database  restore, the script simplifies the procedure  to get those details for the single or bulk users and  input from the pipeline or from the input file. 182 more words


Calendar permission and Configuration consistency

The script provide the details of resource mailbox calendar permission for Default user account regardless of the language setting of the mailbox.  when the organization has multi language outlook user the name of the folder reflect the regional language setting of the mailbox, so the script first take the name of the Calendar with respect to its language name and it will feed to the mailbox folder permission cmdlet to get the required details. 228 more words


2 måneder???


Ja, overskriften er sand nok – i dag har jeg været i USA i præcis to måneder, og nøj hvor er tiden gået stærkt! der er sket SÅ meget jo, det er helt ubegribeligt. 503 more words

Hverdagen I Texas