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All About Sogang University

My general experiences and my academic experience at Sogang University

March was the beginning of my semester abroad as an exchange student. I had promised myself not to have any expectations for anything – such as school, friends, meeting Koreans, and Seoul in general, but it was hard not to have little expectations, little excitement. 1,392 more words


Moving to Summit 7 Systems

It must be the season or something. Like several of my peers (e.g. Paul, Phoummala, and Michael, to name 3), I’m moving on from my current position to a unique new challenge. 347 more words


How to remove additional mailboxes from your Outlook

After adding an additional mailbox in your Outlook through Account Settings, sometimes the system won’t allow you to remove it easily.  Below are the steps in removing the additional mailbox from your Outlook via ADSIEdit. 58 more words

Microsoft Exchange

Open Interest table (22.07.2014)

The entire table (FTSE/XA Large Cap’s Stocks Futures) is available via email. You can register on “contact us” form or by email dspcapital@gmail.com with the subject «Daily Open Interest Table». 13 more words

Athens Derivatives Exchange

Oh yeah, forgot I was here for school...

The first week in Utrecht also meant my first week of school!

We came to realize that the pillow they gave us is basically one cotton ball spread out throughout the entire pillow… So you’re basically sleeping on a piece of paper. 899 more words

Obamacare under assault from disingenuous people looking for loopholes and political gain

I cannot think of a statute in our nation’s history that has ever been under such constant assault and sabotage after being passed than the… 259 more words

Day 2: Party

Today was a REALLY exhausting day.  We started by having a big breakfast with eggs and bacon(an American favorite), and then we went to North Avenue beach to play volleyball.   102 more words