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The best way to look at inventing

I’ve always liked the idea of being an inventor. Not the traditional crazy one with white hair in all different directions, but just someone who creates things. 459 more words

A Breath of Fresh Air - I Don’t Do Human Hatred!

In my sci-fi series, I do have wars, I do have contention – I have murder and threats and all the bits that get the heart pumping (a happy-ever-after story that’s happy-ever-after right from the start is nice, but there’s no challenge) Humans thrive on challenge, we want villains to overcome, we want something to strive for that will make us feel like heroes. 102 more words


That new thing

Today our son, Dowan, found a tiny, slightly bouncy ball that captivated his heart and soul. He played catch with anyone who would throw it to him, on land, in water, kid, adult, it didn’t matter. 82 more words

Leaving, on a Jet Plane…

With 2 weeks to go until I fly off to Canada, I am writing my first (ever) blog post! I have started packing, and have written an extensive list of everything I plan to take with me – which has been well researched over the past few months in the hope that I a) won’t forget anything and b) won’t over pack. 441 more words


Sunday Fun-day

It’s Sundaaaay! Welcome back lovelies!
Another week flew by, and I was quite productive.
Lemme write down my accomplishments:

- rearranged my bookshelves
- selected books to donate to local library-made a shopping list of back to school supplies… 354 more words


The Power of Persuasion

Once you get a taste of success, you want more, why, because it feels exciting, thrilling, and insatiable. Bloggers feel success every time she/he clicks the, “Publish” button. 105 more words

Income Equality

Sunday Smiles

What an exciting weekend this has been. I had a very promising meeting with a fantastic local brand that will hopefully lead to some exciting projects ahead in collaboration with Bubbles at Breakfast. 115 more words