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Pearl Jam tonight!

Holy smokes!  The day has finally arrived that Eddie Vedder and friends roll into my town, my turf, my favorite!!

I can barely wait.  I’ve been pacing around the house, cleaning, cooking, changing clothes and looking in the mirror over and over again.   226 more words


Hop, skip.. Tra-la-laa

What a month! It has wizzed by. I’m completely exhausted with work and life taking it’s toll. In a great way though. It’s been busy but rewarding at the same time. 67 more words


Moving When Moving is Hard

Yesterday I did something I never thought I would be able to do. I quit my job!

Sure I’m giving them a month to replace me, but, leaving has been something that has been extremely hard for me to decide. 122 more words


Week 40: Inject a bit of 'new' into your life

New season, new house, new week, time for something to liven it up. Time to do something new and exciting to give self-esteem a boost and stay happy. 292 more words

52 Week Challenge

Help me make this blog more exciting!

You know when people say “hey guess what!?” And your automatic reaction is “what?” But the person asking actually wants you to guess!
Well that’s me most of the time! 187 more words


I Hear You Calling My Name

Kay and I woke up this morning, first time in a while I got up same time as her. I took Royal and was holding and playing with her. 257 more words

getting away

the other day I went to a little place between Whitby and Scarborough called Robin hoods bay for my dad to do a charity bike ride. 266 more words