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Completely Lazy Day

As the title states, today was a very lazy day. I literally sat around all day, browsing the interwebs and playing Pokemon. Despite this, two good and one bad thing came out of today! 546 more words


Rejection and Excitement

So I got my first rejection today amidst the first snow storm of the season, and it was insanely invigorating. It was a great rejection, with feedback, and an even an emoji, I mean does it get any better? 29 more words

Holiday Season

I remember in college it was the best feeling in the world. Well not necessarily the best, but the idea of getting out of the dorms for a couple of days and having a home cooked meal was probably one of my most exciting feelings ever. 605 more words


Entertainment Expo!

Today was the Expo and it turned out to be super fun! I was somewhat nervous going out in public in J-Fashion for the first time, but it turned out really well! 470 more words


I am so Excited!

Hey friends,

Lately I’ve been really excited, in a good way, each day I wake up and the list of “to-do’s” increase, usually it can be overwhelming but, today I feel great about it! 81 more words

Delightful Things

FIrst day of school jitters and buzz of excitement

Off to school, Off to school! Today was the first day of school for us all and it’s a Sunday. Go figure. The school week over here is Sunday to Friday with Friday being a half day. 1,004 more words


Vocaloid Dances

Today was a pretty chill day! I was on till all day for work, which was super overwhelming in the beginning, but once I got the hang of it, it worked out fine! 174 more words