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Double the Hearts

Is it possible to like two people at the same time, equally?

It kind of goes like this, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”… 311 more words


Schools out for summer

There is an eerie silence this morning

peace is all around

the cool air greets me

only the birds are singing

no cars roaring their engines… 76 more words

Dreaming of What Could Be!

Okay guys! I’m day dreaming again. This time I am hopeful that my dreams will be a reality. I am pushing all doubt out of my mind and moving forward! 312 more words


A New Chapter In Life

Hello fellow bloggers it has once again been a while since I’ve been on but recently I have been fighting a head cold with a major ear infection which I missed two days of work for but in the mean time I have been starting a new writing project this will be my 5th short story I am writing and it is called Tsunami Mermaid brief description its about a young man living in Hawaii with his uncle aunt and two cousins and he works at a surf board shop, he has these realistic dreams about this beautiful girl who he doesn’t yet know is a mermaid and when a tsunami hits the Island he lives on there is havoc and hope all in one the girl he dreams about becomes more realistic than in his dream. 211 more words

The Sound of Emotion

The sound of joy is the laughter of a child, giggling at the thought of his toes wiggling around. It is the friendly back slaps of your friends as you joke with each other. 543 more words

Written Work

Here goes everything

Today is a new day. A day full of new beginnings. And as I embark on my new adventure, I am easily reminded that I am not the only one. 416 more words


I’ve waited to write this blog for far too long! I’m so excited, I could jump for joy :)

Day 6: First 25 songs on shuffle… 296 more words