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I am. Going to. London.

I don’t think you understand. I do not think you can possibly comprehend how excited I am for this. I am the biggest anglophile in the entire world. 225 more words


Excitement and Anxiety

I’d originally written this blog post about a week out from the start of GRL and my trip to Chicago.  Well, I kept forgetting to post it, and when I finally did go to post it, I couldn’t find it anywhere.   625 more words


Preparing to Move

So here’s a brief tale of what is going on in Randy and I’s lives here recently.

I’ve been having dreams about my mom as the time grows closer to moving into our new house. 203 more words

Our Life


Just now, my friend Jeffery came and knocked on my window. I had my curtains closed, but I knew it could only be him. I opened the curtains and it was him, I was so excited and happy to see him at this time. 28 more words

The tourist

I wouldn’t say I am a total tourist. I really do enjoy trekking off the beaten path. I don’t want to be amongst the crowds most of the time. 193 more words

Also!! I got my stand mixer!

It came and I used it today! It’s great and now I match! :)

Queer Romance Month

Hey, everybody, I’ve got a post up today at Queer Romance Month called Lesbians, Not just For Prison Anymore. Go check it out! There’s lots more to see on the site, so make sure and poke around!

Ew, not that way, perv.