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'The Exclamation Mark' by Anton Chekhov

I’ve been meaning to read some stories by Anton Chekhov for a while but haven’t actually got round to doing anything about it until now. Part of the problem is that although Chekhov was extremely prolific the number of collections available often include pretty much the same stories. 780 more words


The Exc!amation Mark!

Let’s be serious for a moment and talk about the exclamation mark! This won’t take long!

The exclamation mark is the most exciting form of punctuation there is! 761 more words


Exclaim & Proclaim!

The first post of International Punctuation Awareness Month (IPAM) brings us the infamous exclamation mark.

I’ve seen it in page poetry on the rare occasion. But it seems to dot the end of sentences in stage poetry far more often. 691 more words