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Chapter 2 - Part 2 (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW)


Fiendish bitch.

History had all but forgotten her. Most people today wouldn’t have even a remote idea as to who Até was in her heyday. 1,072 more words


Chapter 2 - Part 1 (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW)

This room was hideous.

It was every interrogation room cliché, complete with a mirrored observation window, steel table and a wobbly chair. The light that hung from the ceiling was a little too bright and a little too low. 780 more words


Eternal Damnation - Part 6

He was sleeping.

Was he dreaming, Zeni wondered.

An intense pulling sensation began tugging at her core, drawing her toward the unconscious man. How odd! It was like a magnet, attracting her with an almost unbearable force. 1,367 more words


Chapter 1 - Part 4 (Final) EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

Kate popped open a compact to give herself something to do. She didn’t carry a cell phone, so she couldn’t entertain herself while Ian fiddled with his. 710 more words


Eternal Damnation - Part 5

She was a succubus. That was the body she had been granted. A demon of seduction and corruption.

Zeni could live with that.

He would be asleep now, she figured. 563 more words


Chapter 1, Part 3 - EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

The Alliance changed everything.

The Alliance was formed centuries ago when vampires and humans agreed to a treaty offering mutual protection and support. Now The Alliance was a powerhouse of politicians, business leaders, and legislatures that controlled both human and vampire societies. 1,054 more words


Eternal Damnation - Part 4

It was loud and smelly. And perfect.

Zeni managed to figure out how to open her eyes and was absolutely overwhelmed by the brightness of everything. 827 more words