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A real paradise

Last September I had the good/bad luck of spending, because of work, my anniversary weekend on the Italian Alps. My boyfriend had to work as usual and I spent a week with ~20 German students and some teachers. 243 more words


Registration now open for SSHM's First Medical Excursion to Old Operating Theatre Museum, Nov 11

Once per term, postgraduate taught students in the Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine are warmly invited to explore the rich and unique medical history of London through an engaging series of museum trips and guided walks. 295 more words



After a long, long, long wait of almost 3 semesters, when all the students were on a verge of losing every hope they had in their mind of welcome trip. 632 more words


Save the last swim.

So I had my birthday on Thursday and I’m now officially thirty. None the less it was a beautiful day with southern winds bringing the temperature up to 30 Celcius and I had the day off. 247 more words


Royal Botanical Gardens

On a recent trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens for Social Snappers we were taking lots of photos of flowers.  DSLR cameras are good for lots of things, but unless you have a macro lens, they aren’t good for photographing flowers, you just can’t get close enough.   309 more words


First Year Students to Intergeo 2014

In addition to the lectures and assignments the 1st year MSc Geomatics students are enabled to visit the largest Geomatics event in the world right away in the second month after start. 185 more words


A Visit to Fun,Food & Festival-Dushhera at Delhi-6

 A Brief on Navratri & Dussehra Celebrations 

India is a hub of cultures,diversity and so is its festivals.We welcome winters with the warmth of festivity commencing from Navratris,conjuction of two words “Nava” means Nine & “Ratri” means Nights so it is a celebration of nine days where hindu deity Durga and its incarations are worshipped for nine days for health and prosperity.The festival is celebrated with sheer joy in traditional manner in different regions of India.Huge Pandals(Display of Idols) are the way of celebration of Navratri in West Bengal known as Durga Puja whereas Garbha Dance with dandiya sticks is popular in Gujrat so its all over celebrated with different form of joys in India.After the nine days of Navratris comes the Dashami, the tenth day, which is the day of the famous festival of Dussehra or Vijayadashami stands for Tenth day of Victory. 583 more words