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Weekend travels by Carson Shore

While providing cheap and accessable lodging to travelers, hostels are also an opportunity to build friendships with people from all over the world. Of course, every hostel is different— the Monteverde Hostel Lodge was basically a log cabin hotel with shared bedrooms, while Rocking J´s at Puerto Viejo was a large tin roof where we slept in hammocks—but all hostels I have visited have relaxed, friendly atmospheres. 321 more words


Autumn Travels

Serenity fills my heart as I look over the valleys. I am on the road again. It feels good, it feels right, like I am at home. 190 more words

Travel Talk

Music To Keep You Company

We found this really cool collection of songs which we think would be perfect to keep you company as you cruise through a certain old town, singing to yourself without a care in the world. 8 more words


The Changes in the Countryside

An interesting short piece of writing, translated…

There are those power lines that are psychic, and those that aren’t.  Some trees had been around for hundreds of years, some dreams, don’t miss the dreamers.   85 more words


The Infiniteness of the human condition

Given the vast amount of people and places in this world and beyond, we are destined to cross paths with distinctive people in diverse, and sometimes even bizarre, settings. 56 more words


Learning Spaces

Here is a presentation I developed about 5 of the learning spaces within education.