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Five Learning Spaces

Teaching involves working with five learning spaces  and changing the way you think about learning being the teacher out the front of the classroom teaching “at” the students. 38 more words

Adventures await in breathtaking Hawaii

Hawaii is referred to as “paradise” for good reason, its a dream destination for just about everyone. From incredible beaches to volcanic mountains and various heritage sites, Hawaii deserves its reputation. 433 more words

Yolo! Uh... I mean Polo!

I spent, like, a good fifteen minutes trying to come up with a pun for the title of this post.  I really wanted to have the title be a pun involving Kublai Khan and Xanandu, but I just couldn’t come up with anything that made sense to anyone but me. 377 more words


Ladies - why not try the WI to meet new friends...

The Women’s Institute meets in Citizens House on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 1.30 pm.  Come along and meet some new friends and listen to interesting speakers, try out competitions and join in with trips away. 13 more words

19 October 2014

Olivia has been itching for a boogie board since we got here so I finally grabbed a couple the other day.  Today was the first beach-worthy day we’ve had since we got them and Olivia simply HAD to go to the beach to put it to use.   291 more words


This is ART!

I’m not exactly what you would call a connoisseur of fine art.  I don’t really appreciate the finer points of art critique.  To be blunt, when it comes to art, I’m an uncultured philistine. 222 more words


(Really Hard) Lessons in Contrast Control

Use the Meter, Believe the Meter, Develop to the Meter.

A few years ago, Bernard Hymmen and I went cat skiing in Steven’s Pass, out of Scenic, which is essentially where the… 1,518 more words