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Excursions and Incursions

Students always look forward to excursions and incursions, but why as a classroom teacher should we arrange them? Excursions provide students with an opportunity to explore the community within the safety of a school group. 142 more words

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Beyond the Classroom

Excursions and Incursions

Week 4 has information based on the learning space “Beyond the Classroom”. This allows for learning to occur on excursions and incursions, so the students are still within the school learning environment. 282 more words

Communities of Practice - Beyond the Classroom

Developing a community of practice requires the participants to form relationships with one another in order to develop respect and trust within the group. Taking students outside the classroom and into the ‘real world’ can create a great opportunity for this to occur which is hard to come by within the four walls of a classroom. 112 more words

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Incursions, excursions and CoPs

As part of my university course last week, we read a number of articles looking at incursions and excursions and the value that they have as well as thinking about them in the context of Communities of Practice. 398 more words

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The Benefits of Learning Beyond the Classroom!

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This week we explored learning spaces beyond the classroom (such as incursions and excursions) as communities of practice. Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger created the model of ‘situated learning’. 315 more words

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