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Where have all the manners gone?

Manners…  I think they may have gone out the window in the past few years.

Any store I go into lately I’ve noticed that I’m the only one saying excuse me, others shuffle on without caring even grazing by you. 198 more words


"excuse me"

I think I met you once
in a time I cannot remember
it was raining
and you and I ducked
beneath the same awning

it only took a moment… 87 more words


Minding His Manners

One thing that has always been great about the little guy is that he rarely throws a public temper tantrum.  In fact, I think 99% of his outbursts have been with mommy who he knows is more of a pushover than daddy.  373 more words

[Interview] [11.09.14] Riveriver Vol.4

Mục tiêu chính là trái tim bạn đấy ♡

Trở lại với màn comeback tuyệt vời cùng Đĩa đơn thứ Tư “Excuse Me”, sáu chàng trai làm thế giới trở nên nóng bỏng giờ đã ở đây để bắn một cú vào tim bạn! 6,319 more words


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Queuing, using escalator on public places and saying 'Thanks' or 'Excuse me' or 'Sorry'

Hi there! On my previous blogs, I’ve told you about Daily Life of a Pedestrian in Sydney. This one is my other stories about the differences between living in Jakarta and Sydney. 502 more words

Living In Sydney

Excusez-moi... Excuse Me

How to say “EXCUSE ME”  In French

Excuse me, Princess!

Blues Brothers – Excusez Moi Mon Cherie

The Blues Brothers were a band blues and… 137 more words

Euro Talk