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Excuses are something that we are all guilty of creating. Some of these are legitimate; I have no problem with genuine reasons behind not doing something. 738 more words


Just a quick note...

…to say that I’m working on the wrap-up for the energy tracking project. It’s been absolutely awfully hot, and my work environment gets a lot… 39 more words


Excuses vs Reasons

An excuse is defined as – seek to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offence); try to justify.

I am a Queen of Excuses. 421 more words

Summertime is Class Reunion Time

This past weekend, I returned to my small hometown in the middle of Nebraska and met with former classmates and friends from high school.  We have been out of school long enough that we no longer try to impress each other with fancy cars, clothes and prestigious careers or opportunities.   420 more words



A great reminder/call to action/ 5×7 sentiment fits same size frame or small desk easel/hand-painted oxidized silver element

We Stand Up Tall

We stand up tall

Even in the dark

Never forget we are a light house burning

They can’t hold us back

Never forget we are a light house burning…

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Hearts Actions vs. Hearts Thoughts

Who ever said it’s the thought that counts, YET actions speak louder than words?

Just consider this, you meet up with a guy you are dating after he gets back from a vacation and he goes on telling you all about it. 308 more words