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Married for Six Months, He Cheated on Her, and She Was Granted a Divorce by the Courts

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man who works at the Hsinchu Scientific Park, Huang, after he’d married for just six months, he cheated on his wife, and because of the discount coupon his wife found in his pant pocket, that, was how she came to know about his affair.   326 more words



The Urban Dictionary defines Deuces as  “When you flip that middle finger, and that index finger follows. Giving the “peace out” when you’re done with a person…physically, mentally or spiritually.” 522 more words


Days, Daze and Mirrors

I did not accomplish much if anything today. It is just one more day that has gone by in a daze. Or maybe it should be haze. 1,097 more words

WordPress keeps erasing my draft posts, so the long-form I had been working on about being stuck in Juno completely disappeared. Again.

I apologize and hope to rework it over the next few days, publishing it this weekend.

Congrats on surviving blizzard 1 of 2015!


Five Reasons Why I Can't Write

As I was researching (all right, Googling) writing contests, I came across PRISM international’s prompts page and found this writing prompt:

The next time you think you can’t sit down to write, list five reasons why… Then write a sentence beside each explaining why this excuse is…

551 more words


I know I basically deserted my blog for the last few months and I don’t have many excuses except for plethora I am now going to write: 449 more words


Can't Make It To Work On Time On Superbowl Monday? You are Not Alone

According to career builder, people are usually late or do not show up to work on Super Bowl Monday. Almost 4.4 million workers arrive to work late and 1.5 Million do go at all. 29 more words

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