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In the short story “A Cheating Crisis in Americas Schools” by ABC News Internet Ventures, the writer writes about cheating in American schools. Students in America are going to websites and copying their work from other students. 122 more words


Lock time excuses

LOCK TIME. The interval between the releasing of the hammer on a firearm and the striking of the primer by the firing pin.

Yet another excuse people offer for not being able to hold a weapon in the aim until the bullet has left the barrel. 209 more words


Little Injustices

I have a very quick temper. Since I’m so quiet most of the time, people often look at my like I must be kidding when I tell them this, but it’s very true. 518 more words

Five Words That Start With the Letter "E" You Need To Practice

1. Economy

Think about what you want to say– what you want to get across. Write a full page on that subject. Now see if you can impart the same idea, feeling, thought with less words.   461 more words

Five Things

What Excuses Are Standing in Your Way?

We all have excuses, some excuses are valid and some are not, but did you know you could have subconscious excuses too?

Subconscious excuses are the ones that you don’t really think about explicitly, but they stop you from doing something anyway. 449 more words


Crack it open!

Ask yourself this question.  How many times have you heard someone say, “I just want to hear from God.”  Or better yet how many times have you said it? 432 more words

Christian Dad

excuses, excuses

Yes, I have a million excuses why I haven’t been blogging much recently, but I swear, they’re really good ones…This isn’t a post filled with endless excuses, though. 225 more words