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Lately I’ve been in a serious loop of procrastination and guilt. I’m traveling for work on and off for the next couple of weeks, but when I’m in town, in lab or the office, I’m just counting down the days until I leave, making excuses for why I don’t have time to do stuff. 33 more words

Sometimes it helps to write it down

Make a list of your excuses for why you’re over weight, now write a list for all the goals you plan to achieve during your weight loss journey. 247 more words


A Catalogue of Invalid Excuses

Or: How a Hobby Can Change The  Way You See Yourself.

Strangely, these two topics do not correlate, at least not on the surface. I will explain to you, my friend, what I mean by listing them in the same blog post. 599 more words


Escapisms Worn Excuse

There comes a time when enough is enough, time to push your excuses to one side, you’ll need patience and understanding to tackle the issues, but you’ll see the fears subside, 106 more words

Simple Views Of Existing

The Mumbler

I’m thinking: you’re like a ham sandwich.  I’d throw you sideways for a forkful of that Chinese kid’s lunch.  The Mumbler takes my hand and says, ‘I want you by my side forever.’ 796 more words


Be Confident - Not Fat

I’ve just watched this Sky News short clip about a school in Surrey administering body confidence lessons (http://news.sky.com/story/1359994/schools-urged-to-give-body-confidence-lessons). Now, don’t get me wrong, I think this is great – confidence is key in life, it allows you to be who you are and say what you feel without feeling anxious of what people might say in return – I have only really just learned how to be confident in who I am and be proud of it and I’m happy.. 552 more words

A Blog of Reblogs

Hello, can’t you be ORIGINAL, and come up with the things you post on your own blogs ON your own, instead of plagiarizing someone ELSE’s ideas?   182 more words