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The Lord isn't looking for an excuse, He's waiting for a confession

Often times, in relation to the sins that we commit, it is easy to find ourselves offering an excuse, or even rationalizing the sins that we have committed against God, our self and others.  401 more words


The Power in the Moment

Most of the opportunities that present themselves, will grow, but you got to make a decision that’s what you want.

If I were to say to you you can change the future in this moment what would you say? 261 more words


It's Holy Week. The Gym is Closed. What Do I Do?

Here comes the dilemma that some of us face during national holidays such as Christmas, All Saints Day, New Year, and the Holy Week. The gym is closed. 601 more words

Ladylike Tip #10 - Be Punctual

Tip #10: Be Punctual.

We ladies aren’t exactly known for being punctual. And, from time to time, there are valid excuses for why you could not possibly have shown up on time. 190 more words

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Excuses, excuses...

The reason why I haven’t achieved the successes in my business yet, is that I have allowed my potential clients excuses be my own excuses. I’ve accepted their excuses instead of challenging them. This needs to stop.

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Up and running

I’m still relatively new at this ‘running lifestyle.’  I don’t know much, and I continue to learn as I go.  I do know you’re supposed to take a little time off after a long distance race, like a half-marathon.  963 more words