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Managing a kitchen on the High Seas

The Executive Chef is typically responsible for the management of the kitchen on a cruise ship called the galley. Usually he will have previous experience in a four or five star restaurant and culinary school training. 383 more words


Chef – Don’t slaughter the goose!

By Martin Probst, Learning & Development Whiz at Leading Chef Academy

You may have heard of Aesop’s fable of the goose and the golden egg. 692 more words


Chef – Who do you blame?

By Martin Probst, Learning & Development Whiz at Leading Chef Academy

Fact is that most chefs do NOT take responsibility for their own actions. 1,013 more words


Chef – Are YOU a bloody good TEAM?

By Martin Probst, Learning & Development Whiz at Leading Chef Academy

For most of us in Hospitality, we are approaching the busiest time of the year. 931 more words


Chef – Are you soft enough for your job?

By Martin Probst, Learning & Development Whiz

To often throughout the career, I’ve heard comments like: Are you tough enough for this job? 483 more words


November 1st - Nantucket Bay Scallops

Like the Holidays, Nantucket Bay Scallops hold a special place on our calendars, and in our hearts. Nantucket Bays are a shining example of SeafoodS.com commitment to “THE BEST” available.  145 more words


Rodman Shields Named Exec Chef a Common Table

by Steven Doyle

The Common Table recently hired a new exec chef who brings plenty of expertise and enthusiasm to the kitchen. Rodman Shields plans to continue showcasing beer and food pairings with an emphasis on creating quality, contemporary, approachable dishes. 201 more words

Steven Doyle