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Christmas challenges for kids with common mental health concerns...

Over the past five to ten years, our child and adolescent psychiatry practice has grown increasingly busy  during the Christmas season. The struggles many adults experience with depression and loneliness at this time of the year have been very well-documented.  751 more words


Why learn a foreign language?

The last post, “Don’t TEACH a foreign language…” garnered some good questions from smart people. (Thank you, smart people, for reading this blog!) Answers are owed! 2,034 more words

Foreign Language

Teaching Your Child Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are very important in learning for children and adults of all ages. When they are lacking, a person struggles in unstructured tasks or in completing work independently and efficiently. 732 more words


Competence Rising

We all want to be competent, right?  I once prided myself on my competence and efficiency at work, at my ability to manage my life.  An adult is expected to be competent. 467 more words

Feelings (Yikes)

The dreaded question: “How do you feel about that?”

The secret knowledge in my mind that most of my views and ideas on things in life were inherited or copied and pasted from elsewhere. 1,845 more words


How parents influence children's higher order cognitive functions

Executive functions (EF) are higher order cognitive functions that enable us to control impulses, make plans and hold things in our short term memory. Executive functions are critical for schooling, as children need to sit in class, focus their attention and plan their work on a daily basis. 1,041 more words


137,160 Minutes of Homework

In an era in which children are increasingly scheduled and information absorption is increasingly rapid, how much and what type of homework is a perennial topic of discussion amongst educators and parents. 169 more words