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Stuff we love: Stylish Scholars Labels Give Away!

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Executive functioning is a term that teachers use to describe a child’s ability to plan ahead, be on time and prepare or organize for the day. 648 more words

Executive Functioning

Before & After: Desks and Homework Stations

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A shift has happened in our house. The kids are growing and their interests are changing. For many years, we got by with a simple toddler table with lots of arts and craft supplies nearby. 420 more words

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Advocacy for the Adult Aspie

Louise’s statement, “We won’t stay children forever, nor do our children remain babies forever?” speaks to the heart of the ASPIE Girls documentary series. Aspies are considered high functioning on the autism spectrum, but that doesn’t mean that they can lead independent lives. 143 more words

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Five games that will improve your kids' executive function

There has been a lot of recent attention focused on the importance of executive function for successful learning. Many researchers and educators believe that this group of skills, which enable a child to formulate and pursue goals, are  1,444 more words

Can yoga make you smarter? Yoga and Executive Functioning

As I was scrolling through Pub Med I came across a couple studies that look at the effects of yoga on executive functioning (EF). What is EF? 323 more words


6 ways you can help turn your kids into great learners

We came across this article by Stephanie Rogers on Active for Life.com It’s a great website for parents and educators to learn about the importance of… 1,388 more words

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June Happenings

  It’s been a busy month.  School ended, and L managed to get a D- in Geometry….so no summer school!  Whoever thought a parent would be happy with a D-? 1,101 more words