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Mood Diary

There have been a couple of meltdowns this week. Even I was surprised and a little disappointed, if I’m honest. It’s hard when you think you are ‘getting better’, but then realise (again) that this is part of being you. 319 more words



When I am not succeeding at work, I feel combative at home (and frustrated at myself). I play well at chess because I want to win, and will do all that I can to win. 29 more words


CIP - College Internship Program

Our atypical young people need a lot of support as they transition to adulthood. Many families try to provide that support, with or without help from agencies, as the young adult continues to live at home. 1,460 more words


From Decisions to Self-Esteem

There are two quotes that triggered the writing of this post:

“You like to see all sides, and remain a neutral position. But you will eventually need to choose which camp you want to sit with, or accept the difficulty of where you currently are.” 1,096 more words



“A different way of approaching life, one that is dominated by the pursuit of knowledge and truth”. Tony Attwood

Being Asperger and being in employment have not been terribly compatible concepts in society. 1,378 more words


5 Reasons You Need Some Room To Play in Your Life

  1. We are objective:  We don’t live in your home… our objectivity means the clutter is not overwhelming to us. We are not attached to the stuff that is taking up space.
  2. 408 more words
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