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Show Me the Money

There is a good chance that a compelling story won’t be enough to get you everything you need and if you have the data then you should be able to pull together the value of community engagement in order to establish a base line of opportunity. 327 more words

Marketing Strategy

Create And Tell a Compelling Story

There are a few tactical steps you can take to begin to secure the executive support you need. You first need to be able to tell a compelling story. 322 more words

Executive Leadership

The Importance of Nonprofit Leadership

Why does leadership matter so much in nonprofit organizations?  I have thought about this question in regard to the organizations I have worked.  I have worked both as an employee and a consultant for various nonprofits.  499 more words

How To Secure Executive Support and Commitment

Much of your success and or progress will be dependent on the level of executive support you have for your strategy. If you are reading this then you are likely in the same position I was many times where I had a directive but limited resources and budget to execute. 193 more words

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Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

By Attila Ovari

Are you the type of person that believes in the glass being half full or half empty?
Do you see the bright side of a situation? 306 more words

Executive Leadership

The Evolution of Business | How to Remain Relevant During Transforming Times

Evolve or fade; this is the reality of today’s business environment. Continuous, consistent transformation is absolutely necessary to keep pace in an age of unprecedented technological advancement and increasingly shifting consumer demands. 807 more words

Business Planning

How Do You Enter the Room?

Distracted, awkward and frazzled?


Confident, present, and engaged?

Knowing how to enter a room is a game changer. Done the right way, it positions you as a leader, expert, and key player. 823 more words

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