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We are all familiar with the power and durability of first impressions.  And nowhere is this more critical for a manager or executive, than those created during their first week or two in a new job. 891 more words

Advice For Managers

Change or Moving Forward?

By Attila Ovari

There is a lot of material on change management and how the only constant in the world is change itself. This focus on change and change management can make us think that change is what we should be aiming for. 786 more words

Executive Leadership

You Too Can Be Tinny

By Chris Gandy

Another weekend and another chance encounter in the bush with my old friend Alf. Rain was forecast for the coming week and we were both trying to keep our other halves happy by stocking up on firewood. 422 more words

Chris Gandy

Thank you ASAE and Detroit for DELP

In no particular order, I have been…

  • Fascinated by Pierre Desy – our very own United Nations Ambassador, with class beyond measure
  • Charmed by Anne Orlenas De Lemos…
  • 488 more words

Taking HBA Experience to a New Level: Interview with Sandra Caddell as Business Information Architect at AstraZeneca

Photo of Sandra Caddell

Dr. Andrea LaFountain interviewed Sandra Caddell on Sandra’s application of her HBA experience to gaining a promotion at AstraZeneca.

Dr Andrea LaFountain: 1,566 more words

Career Development


By Joe Moore

Do you get a bit uncomfortable in a conversation where you think your contribution, or performance is challenged? When you start to think that others are trying to get you to change, do you become a little uneasy and try to change the subject of the conversation? 302 more words

Executive Leadership

How Relaxed Is Your Leadership?

By Attila Ovari

  • Are the type of leader that is relaxed or on edge all the time?
  • Is your team nervous around you?
  • Do you allow your team to get on with the job?
  • 406 more words
Executive Leadership