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From the Pulpit: Delivery

You are now standing at the pulpit, gazing out at a sea of expectant faces. Your people know you’re there to deliver important information. You’ve done everything you can to prepare for this moment and now it’s show time. 505 more words

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Authentic Leadership – What does that look like?

We have heard so much lately about Trust. Trust is the glue that makes our relationships, whether in personal or professional life work.  Now there is “authentic leadership”.   298 more words

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Leadership and entrepreneurship in your business

Why do we love entrepreneurs? Because they’re risk takers. They’re mavericks. Their fools. They’re geniuses. They’re creative, crafty, clever. They move. They shake. They make somethings out of nothings. 975 more words

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From the Pulpit: Preparation

My mouth is dry, my palms are sweating and my heart is pounding. Once again I’m behind the podium to announce something my staff will not want to hear. 380 more words

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The Inside Story to Launching a Social Intranet: Part 3 – The Reward.

It was the teams commitment and resilience that got us to this point but 5am came fast…

It was a tense moment. This was our last chance to resolve the issues at hand, otherwise, we would have to come up with plan B and in full disclosure, there was no plan B. 431 more words

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Are personalities killing your team's performance?

Conventional wisdom says people should leave their personal lives at home when they come to work.  As if people can come and behave like robots, free of emotions, personality and any other ‘ 339 more words

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Why leadership development needs a revamp

For the past 15 years I’ve been a client for leadership development work both on my own behalf and on behalf of organizations I’ve led. I’ve used the industry a lot, and gotten tons of value out of it. 809 more words