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Is an MBA worth it? What business school can do for your salary in 2014

Desautels, Ivey, Rotman, Sauder and Schulich all cracked the top 100 on the Financial Times’ business school rankings in 2014. While FT’s list is the global standard by which programs are measured, determining the “best” business school is ultimately complicated and subjective, dependent on a plethora of metrics each individual can and should weigh differently. 784 more words


Leadership Platforms -- The Goal of Enrichment

In a previous series of posts I presented the Leadership Enrichment LIFE-cycle (LEL-c) and committed to share more about Leadership Platforms…the ultimate goal of Enrichment. By way of introduction, I want to give credit where it is due. 1,040 more words


Jian Ghomeshi's surrender of CBC lawsuit is just one defeat of what will be many more

Jian Ghomeshi has finally conceded inevitable defeat, dropping his ill-fated and ill-conceived $55-million lawsuit against the CBC — and paying the CBC $18,000 in legal costs. 654 more words


7 ways to avoid the office Christmas party descending into debauched disaster

Tis the season to remind employers and employees it might be best to ho, ho, hold off on the merriment. The very public incidents involving Jian Ghomeshi and Ray Rice, and the suspension earlier this month of two Ontario Hockey League players for nearly a quarter of the season for sexist remarks made public on social media, provide a well-timed reminder that behaviour at “play” can lead to dismissal for cause. 676 more words


The Anti-Red Tape Effect

I L O V E change.   Seriously, I love nothing more than finding ways to breath NEW life into stodgy practices!  I find that embarking on a NEW challenge generates even more energy and excitement, a verisimilitude of the anti-red-tape effect.   852 more words


And Now A Word From Your Sponsor...

You are bombarded with advertisements from providers of products and services in various forms of new and traditional media. Traditionally, when listening to a radio or watching a television program you would hear the words: “and now a word from our sponsors”. 579 more words

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Why it pays to be an emotionally sensitive leader

Many leaders I encounter contend that attending to and caring about the emotions of employees and colleagues is for wimps, women or human resources staff, not for tough business leaders and efficient performers. 628 more words