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Thunderstorm triggers false alarm at New York nuclear power plant. Which one? You can't tell from the news coverage....

Ah, local news!

The CBS affiliate in Syracuse reported this morning:

An emergency notification siren went off Thursday morning at the nuclear power plants in Scriba, but there was no emergency, officials say. 277 more words

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NRG spars with Exelon over uneconomic reactors, carbon rule

Hearings begin today before the Illinois Commerce Commission on what will become a pivotal battle over the future of nuclear power–not only in Illinois, but across the nation. 907 more words


A Free Market Lesson for Exelon

In our last post, we mentioned the Invisible Hand, an idea brought forth by the patron saint of Free Markets, Adam Smith. As we pointed out, Exelon on its website extols the virtues of the Free Market and anathematizes the very notion of subsidies to players in it — except, of course, when Exelon itself is the intended recipient of that subsidy. 691 more words


Exelon Still Pushing for Publicly Funded Bailout

As we said, despite Chris Crane’s claim that Exelon will not seek a bailout at the expense of Illinois taxpayers or ratepayers, that’s precisely what he’s doing.¬† 1,219 more words


Upcoming Ex-dividend dates for Top 100

Ex-dividend dates are important to dividend growth investors because one must own a stock before its ex-dividend date in order to be eligible to receive its next dividend. 58 more words


Industry says EPA rule needs more nuke support

One thing you can always count on from the nuclear power industry: when it comes to greed, the industry has no shame whatsoever; no matter how much taxpayer and ratepayer support nuclear power receives, the industry will always ask for more. 1,186 more words


Event Report: Illinois nuke scrams after emergency system activates

Exelon’s LaSalle nuclear power plant informed the NRC that yesterday afternoon, the Illinois plant’s Unit 2 reactor scrammed, that is, shut itself down automatically, following an unexpected activation of the Reactor Protection System. 75 more words

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