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Today's Healthy Dose - Stand Up

Now sit down. Repeat nine more times. Feel more energized? Your welcome.


The Mindful Workout

I must confess…like most people, I find that doing a cardio workout at the gym on equipment about as interesting as watching paint dry.  In order to get through it, I typically have to find a distraction.   870 more words



Anyone else a Friends fan? Well you should be. There’s a great episode where chandler wants to quit the gym.


Up until a week or so ago, this was my mentality. 400 more words


How Does Exercise Help Beat Stress?

Before we talk about how exercising helps relieve stress, let’s first talk about what causes stress. The stress we feel – tightness in the neck and between the shoulder blades, rapid pulse, sweaty palms along with increased breathing – are all responses by our body to a “fight or flight” situation. 370 more words


In which I was lazy...again

Yeah…I suck not only at blogging but also at my exercise regime. I have no excuse, really, just that I got into a slump and let it overcome me. 106 more words


5 Best Exercises To Do With Your Dog

Some fitness partners flake out, miss workouts, or make excuses. But here’s a partner that won’t: your dog. If you didn’t know NEW fitness classes for out-of-shape people… 386 more words


The importance of energy to a leader...

A few weeks ago Andrew, Agoge’s Founder  & CEO was giving a talk at our annual conference.  He spoke about the importance of energy and ensuring we know how to keep ourselves in a healthy space.   319 more words