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Are Pre Workouts Harmful or Helpful? Beta-Alanine

In part 1 of pre workouts (PW) we discussed that some manufacturers have added chemicals that are banned by the FDA as supplements to increase performance and what to look out for. 1,528 more words


"But you shoulda...."

This is DAY THREE of doing 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer as I promised Vivian, our new foreign exchange student daughter, I would do. 300 more words

Quality Of Life

My Challenge

This is my challenge when I am riding my bike. My goal is to make it to the top with my bike. I made to the pole today. 23 more words

Weight Loss

Fighting the Beast

Since last night I’ve been battling the lack of motivation to be up at 5:30 in the morning. I changed my mind about jogging so many times last night. 90 more words


Planning Healthy Meals on a Budget

It can be hard some times in this busy world to make time for family, exercising and work. Sometimes we fail to plan out meals and go with something cheap and easy to make. 36 more words


Take a Walk

Yep, that’s right! A short walk in the afternoon will cute you of the afternoon slump.


Fatty McFatFat

Fatty. Pudge. Tubs. Gordo.

These are all names that I’ve applying to myself as of late, if in a slightly tongue-in-cheek manner. I resemble a stuffed sausage in a decent amount of my wardrobe and am on that precipice where another 5lbs means I won’t be able to fit into a single article of clothing that I own. 1,730 more words