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Reflections on a 100-plus day streak

I’ve been streaking now for 100 118 days. . . (I fully intended to finish this on day 100 but fell asleep while writing. Over two weeks later, I am finally getting back to it.) 1,383 more words


Today's Healthy Dose

I just read an article that said livestock feces is one of the primary ingredients in feed for farm raised fish. Yum! :-/


So far, so good

My biggest struggle the last few days haven’t been eating or getting up and moving :¬† it is not spending so much time on the internet. 291 more words


Hangover Help

Did we have a good night last night?

Alcohol is often part of a big night out or a celebration, but it can leave us feeling a little less than sparkly the next day. 516 more words


Break days are your friend

Well, kinda.

Didn’t do anything in terms of concentrated exercise yesterday. Instead, my day was filled with cleaning and household projects. Like trying to put safety latches on the cabinet door and drawers on Baby Boy’s dresser so he can play in his room without tossing clothes everywhere (which is still not a complete success since I can’t figure out a way for him to… 220 more words


It's Not Fitness, It's Performance

I couldn’t be more excited about things right now. ¬†First, I put on a pair of jeans today and they are about one size too big! 281 more words

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Today's Healthy Dose

Even 15 minutes of exercise in the morning will help you burn more calories all day. Go for that brisk walk!