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An Introduction to Your Fit Pregnancy

The 2012 London Olympics seemed like a baby shower for fit pregnancy, a watershed for sport and motherhood. At the 2008 Beijing Games, swimmer Dara Torres had opened a door for women in sports to be highly visible moms, and the London Olympics picked up where she left off by placing mothers front and center. 817 more words

Exercise After Pregnancy

My Pregnancy - 22 weeks (6 months)

Well, as of today, I’m officially entering the sixth month of my pregnancy!! For those of you that may not know, IT’S A GIRL!!

Trimester: 2nd… 451 more words


Preg and the Sea: Benefits of Beaching it During Pregnancy

I’ve had a lifelong love of the beach, which is why the San Diego area is the absolute perfect place for me! Antonio and I frequently walk on the beach to meditate, frolic in the waves, or just enjoy the sunshine and salty air. 470 more words

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Exercising While Pregnant - Yes!!!

There are many wonderful benefits of pregnancy exercise! One of my amazing clients, Carinne Hardin, has been exercising at TransFit for almost 2 years! I have been most proud of her accomplishments and how she is taking care of her body these past 9 months! 445 more words


You Don't Have to be Alysia Montano to Keep a Fit Mind & Body in Your 3rd Trimester

You know the stories about those women who ran marathons on their due dates? Kind of like Alysia Montano, the Olympian who was 8 months pregnant and ran the 800M last month. 598 more words

Exercise After Pregnancy

More on Exercise, BMI, and Getting Pregnant

With many women having babies later in life, fertility struggles aren’t uncommon, and many women who are frustrated and emotionally spent from trying to conceive say they cut back on exercise as a way to feel some control over a situation that even doctors have trouble explaining with certainty. 537 more words

Exercise After Pregnancy

Exercise, BMI, and Getting Pregnant

You might be thinking, “Hold up; I thought pregnancy meant the freedom to gain weight. Why measure my body fat?” Body-mass index (BMI), is calculated from a formula based on your height and weight and can be factor into fertility and healthy nutrition for supporting the growth of your fetus. 580 more words

Exercise After Pregnancy