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I am not in shape. By heredity alone do I appear to be a small, petite person.

During my first pregnancy I did pretty well taking walks and stretching and stuff. 338 more words


Exercise During Pregnancy

Along with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, one of the most important things you can do to benefit yourself and your baby is exercise during pregnancy… 489 more words

Pregnancy Miracle

Day 5-7 of 30: Listening to my Body

It’s easy for me to keep pushing. So what I’m pregnant. Lots of pregnant ladies are active through their pregnancies. Lots of pregnant ladies are still running and working harder than I am. 124 more words


Day 4 of 30: Ouch

Everything was more difficult today. From the very beginning nothing seemed to be going well nor easy. David insisted on going to the gym daycare which is great because it means he enjoys it BUT he also insisted on taking a finger puppet…I told him he would lose it…it didn’t make it home. 177 more words


Emily is one active mom-to-be!

Who said that pregnancy means being tired and eating ice cream? Hers will be one healthy baby!

Training At Peak Physique & Performance

Day 3 of 30: Pregnancy Core Workout & Glutes

I always thought you weren’t supposed to do AB exercises during pregnancy. I had heard or read on not so reputable birth forums that doing so would cause a separation in my abdominal muscles. 328 more words


Day 2 of 30: Gym Streak

I packed my gym bag first thing this morning. Rocking Saucony shorts and an Under Armour long sleeve charged cotton top. My cardio isn’t where it used to be…duh…I’m pregnant, so I’m dressing a little warmer than I used to. 336 more words