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5 Ways to Squat

Did you know you can target different parts of your legs by changing the positioning of you feet and where you place your weight? Here is a video explaining how your footing matters. 207 more words


4 Insane Treadmill Workouts

Steve Pfiester designed 4 KILLER workouts you can do on a treadmill to work your entire body. There are 4 VIDEOS: Upper Body, Lower Body, Conditioning & Cardio.  40 more words

Exercise & Training

Peddle Yourself Fit: How to Get the Most Out of a Stationary Bike

I run into a lot of people nursing injuries, or limited by joint issues. Unfortunately, as soon as someone is injured they often quit exercising altogether – but there is hope! 522 more words


The Wisdom of Weekend Warriors

I was recently talking to a colleague of mine (Hi Dan!) who uttered this phrase: “I do nothing during the week anymore.”  He’s an avid runner who, because of the increased demands of family and work, is currently running only on Saturdays and Sundays.   576 more words


Fit Legs: Leg Workout

Here’s a new Leg Workout designed for women by Bikini Coach and personal trainer, Steve Pfiester, created for the gym. Let us know how you like it! 123 more words


Ask the Expert: Twitter Q & A on Running and Heart Health

Here’s an exciting opportunity to talk about running and heart health since February is Heart Month! Join Hartford Marathon Foundation (@RunHMF) and me (Dr. Beth Taylor @BParkerTalk) in a Question and Answer Twitter session this Friday (2/28 from 1-2 pm EST) called “ 160 more words