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Running Injury Prevention

Avoid Shin Splint by Drawing the Alphabet with your Toes.


How to build muscle for beginners

Mike Change gives us some good advice.

My Thoughts

Old Bag tips for life: healthy obsessions - breakfast reading and love

This is a picture of the Old Bag’s daily granola, one of the secrets to FITNESS HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

Old Bags are creatures of habit, but there’s nothing wrong with habits as long as they are good ones. 905 more words


Daily motivation (25 photos)

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Hey Berries! How do you stay motivated? Click SUBMIT or mail your pics to… 10 more words


What your workout says about your social class


I think a mixed approach is best, tailored to your build. Position of bellybutton, length of limb, flexibility etc.

It’s true the betas (attempting to be your “betters”) try to look down on weightlifters, citing common myths e.g. 93 more words

Get ready, get set…to view the wonders of Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz is one of the more diverse Channel Islands, as it is host to a variety of trees, grasses, animals, and scenery not often seen among the other Channel Islands. 32 more words

Perse's News

Back in the Saddle Again

This is my first official week back on my fitness plan. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, being sick the past – well, pretty much the past month – has thrown my schedule completely out of whack. 346 more words

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