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Protein Powders – What Young Men Need to Know

Many young men want the muscular physique that signifies masculine strength and virility. They may also be seeking a bigger presence on the football field or more power behind their faster pitch on the baseball mound. 699 more words


Getting out of a vicious circle: The life of a desk chair potato continued...

In my last post I wrote about how I got into an unhealthy vicious circle in regards to physical exercise. And I mentioned that in the next post I would delve into what triggers that vicious circle into spinning action. 994 more words


Why time of the day matters! Exercise Life Hacks!!!

Since success is an attitude, or as Aristotle said ‘Excellence isn’t an action, it is a Habit” I wanted to provide a number of “exercise life hacks’ that could change you Life by improving your fitness, increasing your energy levels and making your Vibrate at a higher frequency — therefore attracting more Abundance in your Life. 483 more words

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Another Article about why Women Should Lift Weights

While there are a ton of articles about this topic already, THERE AREN’T ENOUGH. Until Tracy Anderson stops being relevant and I cease to hear the word “bulky” outside of Costco, the world needs more writing about women and weights. 624 more words


Ellie’s starting August with one goal in mind:

Make the… http://ift.tt/1nNOJzW


The Exercise Referral Scheme P2

Pingles Leisure Centre ‘Everyone Active’


The day had come for my first meeting with ‘Anneka’ my exercise referral fitness instructor!

It was Wednesday 9th July (I am a little late updating this part of my blog!) I was so nervous! 1,277 more words