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The Magic Number!

It’s said that to form a habit or indeed to break a habit takes 21 days. I’ve read studies regarding this and although I found the theory interesting I also found it questionable. 221 more words


Budget stuff - fitness equipment edition

M and I have a fair amount a lot of gym equipment in our home. However, the one machine we covet and use pretty exclusively at our gym is a Cybex Arc Trainer. 601 more words

Turning to food for comfort when faced with a stressful situation is common. Using other alternatives to cope with stress will be much more helpful. Think about a form of treating yourself to release stress like, massage, facial, manicure, a day at the beach.

Answered Prayers 2014 No. 7-10

The last two months have been a whirlwind, filled  with
clearly  answered prayers  and wonderful challenges.
 I haven’t
kept up  with writing them here so my apologies for the lengthiness…
1,446 more words


Relative clauses with WHO and THAT

Look at this sentence:
The man gave me some money.
If we want to describe the man, we can use an adjective [old, thin, young, etc): 362 more words


The Secret Life of a Personal Trainer

Dear Diary,

I was very naughty and ate my bodyweight in chocolate this week. In the time span of three days.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit and I didn’t eat 60kg in chocolate, but it certainly felt like it. 361 more words


Health Problems That Make You Gain Weight - Prevention.com

The frustration of seeing extra pounds on the scale—or of a too-tight waistband that you know used to fit—is understandable. But did you know that anything from a hormonal imbalance to vitamin deficiencies to the prescription meds you take can hold clues to what’s making you gain weight? 100 more words