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Bodybuilding.com's Project Mass - Day 43 - Strength Based Leg Day - Plus, I Hit A 1000lb PR

Greetings, all.

Today is the start of a de-load week, in which the volume is ramped down to give the body a bit of rest before getting back in action. 450 more words


01/25/2015 – 01/31/2015—Body is in Transformation Mode—Back up to Beginning Weight, but Total Inches Lost = 5!!!

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I cannot stress enough to have the gym on your schedule every single day with the intention when you wake-up that you will be going that day and to have your gym bag packed the night before in your car. 832 more words


stop waiting to "get motivated"

I was talking to a friend of mine recently, and he was telling me that he’s been really unmotivated, and that he knew that once he just got started with a workout plan, he’d be able to stick with it. 72 more words

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A good way to get over not being motivated is just do it, and don't even think twice and you will never need motivation for that thing again. Just push yourself to do it. Many people do it for example, exercise they just get up do to the gym and do it. I even do it and so can you.

Walk the walk

12 years ago I found walking a way to get back some fitness and time out for myself. All you need are good trainers/walking boots and if possible, someone to walk with. 330 more words


Cauliflower Crust

If you haven’t guess it by now, my husband and I are little crazy over pizza! Bread and gooey cheese, I mean you can’t go wrong with that combo. 426 more words

Clean Eating Recipes

Kelly Sinoski: Inspired to run by health, books and a desire to survive

Everybody has different motivations to lace up their runners and hit the streets for a short, long or marathon run.

Some just want to get back on the health track: knock off some extra pounds, get in shape and live a fitter lifestyle. 456 more words