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Sketchdump #231 - Life drawing & fashion sketches

More life drawing, and a few fashion sketches, trying to improve my digital lines.


P is for Peony

P is for pronoun

Pronouns represent unnamed people or things. Here is a list for your reference.

First person






plural… 216 more words

English Language

Easiest Yet Most Crucial Way To Increase Testosterone Naturally and Recover: Sleep.

Key Points:
-You need sleep for testosterone and growth hormone secretion. Quality sleep = greater workout recovery

-Sleep consolidates learning and strengthens memory pathways… 89 more words


Dietary supplements for muscle growth

Sometimes it happens that in spite of proper diet and exercise our muscle size does not change. In such a case, may be useful with all kinds of food supplements designed to increase muscle tissue. 775 more words

The best exercises for shoulders

Many men dream about to have a beautiful and athletic body like a sports star or film . Other percentages it is appropriate nutritional plan that we meet that our work has intended for us goals. 316 more words

Exercises for arms and shoulders

In our article , there is something for everyone , every person who wants to improve the musculature of his hand. These include, among others, the classic push-ups , side , in the support and the many others who will try to describe in such a way that their execution is not will be a problem for any of us . 349 more words