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Chapter 3: Strings (Exercises & Answers)

Exercises and Answers

Exercise #1:

For each of the following expressions, what value will the expression give? Verify your answers by typing the expressions into the Python shell.


Poem Tryouts: Blazon It!

7:28 a.m. — San Antonio

listening to the neighbour’s lawn mower

Hello everyone. I can’t believe August starts in a couple of days. The downside of summer is upon us. 419 more words


Montgomery Multiplication

[ Does anybody know the proper method for writing a-bar and b-bar in plain HTML? The LaTeX symbols are \={a} and \={b}, but WordPress renders LaTeX poorly, and I prefer plain HTML. 1,888 more words


Weight Loss With Cinnamon & Honey Tea

Some people believe drinking cinnamon and honey tea will help them lose weight, but no scientific evidence backs up this claim. While studies haven’t looked at the effects of honey and cinnamon tea, they have found beneficial effects for the individual ingredients. 293 more words

Having a media element in your simulation game

A while back I was having an email exchange with Philippe Perchoc at my alma mater, the College of Europe, on the use of media elements in simulations. 799 more words


10min Pocket Health – What is the Age of Your Waist Now?

“10 min pocket health” that will make your waist 10 years younger.

How old is your waist now?

A young waist means that the waist is flexible, robust, and free of pain. 745 more words


MY JOURNEY, MY PRINCIPLES, MY WAY - You, Me, and all Others

Since I have decided to take some time off I decided to be more determined about the weightloss this time. There was once a time when I was really skinny, but for the sake of education I gave it all up. 743 more words