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[A systematic review] Virtual reality using games for improving physical functioning in older adults. - Full Text PDF


The use of virtual reality through exergames or active video game, i.e. a new form of interactive gaming, as a complementary tool in rehabilitation has been a frequent focus in research and clinical practice in the last few years. 206 more words

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Fitness game,[1] Exergaming or exer-gaming (a portmanteau of “exercise” and “gaming”)[2] is a term used for video games that are also a form of exercise.[3] Exergaming relies on technology that tracks body movement or reaction. 55 more words

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[WEB SITE] OSU team designs river running video game to help stroke patients get stronger

The patient pictured above is playing a game on Microsoft Kinect where she’s paddling and steering down a river, swatting bats inside a cave, grabbing things out of the river and catching parachutes of supplies. 71 more words


[WEB SITE] Stroke Recovery with Kinect - Microsoft Research

…Stroke Recovery with Kinect is an interactive rehabilitation system prototype that helps stroke patients improve their upper-limb motor functioning in the comfort of their own home. 38 more words


[WEB SITE] Video Games Can Help in Stroke Rehab

…Video games do not necessarily numb brains. They actually can help the brain recover from damage caused by a stroke, according to a Tel Aviv University researcher… 13 more words

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[WEB SITE] A virtual reality approach to lower extremity rehab

When commercially available active video games are used in rehabilitation settings, often the level of challenge does not match the patient’s ability level. Customized interventions can address these limitations while capitalizing on the fun and motivating aspects of the technology. 13 more words

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