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Productivity’s End

I don’t know.
And I’m a person that likes explaining and figuring out stuff or that’s the role I tell myself I embody

Networking, working out, meditation, trying to find someone to have a decent conversation with, writing poetry. 110 more words


Studio Update!

Studio Teaser

Studio Teaser (Drums)

Studio Teaser (Back View of the Drums)

Panoramic View

Studio Teaser (Bass)

Studio Teaser (Guitar)


from mud to flower...

Everything began when one of my students said he was interested in “kundalini yoga” and wanted to learn more about it, asking me to inform him. 1,273 more words

Because Input isn't Everything

I am a blessed man. I am surrounded by friends who love me and care for me. I am gainfully employed. I have my health. I am disappointed that I won’t be seeing my family much during the holiday season. 607 more words


STUCK on Thinking the Worst

Last night my husband and daughter, along with a few other adults and teenagers, went to see the play, The Wave.

The play is based on an extraordinary novel, that “explores the nature of fascim and the appeal of mass movements through the true-life story of a California high school which began an experiment in the 1960’s that rapidly ran out of control.” 528 more words

Mindful Judaism

Ahh... Is This What Morning Feels Like?

Inhale… hold… exhale…

The feelings of calm collection, peaceful reflection, and inspiration of what awaits softly stir in the silence.

I savor the sultry aroma of hot coffee under my nose.   125 more words

Of Pieces and Entirety

…and I said to me…

…nothing beats the elation of putting yourself together again and knowing there are pieces of you which you can entirely do away with…and then are jagged & scratched fragments of you which when glued back into you; filter an entirely different persona of you…kinda like a stained glass effect…light on soul. 170 more words

Of Opinions And Views