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There are a lot of things in life that we do not at all expect. Sometimes these tiny surprises become more valuable in time and ever so unexpectedly becomes even more than temporary. 206 more words


mughow often does it happen?

I begin with a good intention.

I make my aim and pursue it with fervent desperation.

I chase it. I grab it by its tail and sure enough, 14 more words


New retail opening now through February at Avalon

Anthropologie, Antico Pizza and Caffe Gio have opened locations at Avalon, the new mixed-use development in Alpharetta which in October welcomed a lineup of 50 retailers and 11 restaurants. 186 more words

Consumer Advice

storm and urge

The desire was animal.
It was pure
and stirred a tornado in her senses.
Voices in her head told her
it wasn’t right,
and not worth the trouble of being wrong. 62 more words


Escape Escape Escape!

Downtown. It’s were all the luxuries are. One simply doesn’t window shop. If you do, we know who you are; you’re the poor, the down trodden, the ones that can only dream, not do, the ones where the glass is half empty, not full, where one can think of an idea, but not bring it to fulfillment. 211 more words

Writing Prompts

Artist of the week: beauty and utility meet in work by Julian Melchiorri

Judging by his latest work, Julian Melchiorri is on a mission to create useful, breathtaking pieces. The British/Italian designer and engineer produces work born from a unique combination of art and science. 96 more words