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Penis size and nudity II

Had a lot of interest in my other post about willy size and getting naked, hopefully it might encourage other men with low confidence to get nude, if not at least I hope it puts it into a little bit of perspective for you. 461 more words


Cant get enough!

Although I have been naked all weekend, I just cant get enough of it, being nude makes me want to be nude more! I had a shower/shave and have been relaxing this afternoon, catching up on a little bit of blogging and chatting with friends. 296 more words


To shave or not to shave

Me, I like to shave. I used to just trim and keep my pubic hair neat but more often than not now I take it all off and keep it smooth. 293 more words


A nude weekend

just got home from a weekend away camping at a nude-site. wow! best weekend camping ever, so much fun and so much nudity!

It was a bit of an informal campsite but its in a beautiful valley, I took my clothes off at 2pm on friday and only put them back on again this lunchtime to come home, such a liberating feeling to be clothes free for the whole weekend. 152 more words


Kinky sex fetishes in the streets of San Francisco

Each year, college started with started multiple San Francisco State University photojournalism students taking this assignment. Yesterday, nearly twice a lifetime later, I got to shoot it. 35 more words


Photo Challenge #26 "Silver"

Lightening broke the sky into a thousand glittering chips,

A silhouette illuminated; an ethereal streak of silver against the icy shine of dusk

High-born demeanor shielded under a pristine cloak. 222 more words

Writing Challenges

Thinking about it...

Thinking of taking another stroll later on, enjoyed the other night’s walk so much I fancy doing another!

anyone care to join me?!