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Sex Advice: Good and Bad Places to Have Sex

Having sex is really awesome, but, if you’re in a longer term sexual relationship, it’s very easy for things to become stagnant.  As you become more comfortable with your partner as a companion, the passionate sexual chemistry that first existed moves to the back burner.   552 more words



’Ceps Mad About Muscle

by Barry Lowe

He put the bi in biceps


Corporate Games

by Cain Berlinger

Boardroom antics, back room sexcapades, harassment, and murder, these are just some of the Corporate Games.


A is for Alien Abudction!

For the A to Z challenge this year, I’m sharing science fiction and fantasy story ideas that I might write. If you’re interested enough to pick them up and write your own version, feel free; ideas are cheap. 139 more words

A-Z Challenge


Spa Trek: The Search For Cock

by Barry Lowe

There are no Klingons around his ring.


Exhibitionists and Voyeurs

by Cain Berlinger

Are YOU ready for your mystery date?


Masturbating Exhibitionist Scares Young Girl on the D Train

Christina Hwang, 20, who’s had a frightening subway experience a few years ago, proves that danger may lurk in any seemingly normal, solitary moment on the subway. 320 more words

Just a quickie

Going back to work has been slightly disorienting, I’ll be happier when I finally get my hands on tables of my own, and can start playing with the people. 388 more words