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a cliche i finally got to enjoy

giving head in a movie theatre :)

of course in my old fantasies, it was me deciding to do it, doing it for 30 seconds, and him being so impressed he fell in even crazier deeper love and gave me a respectful peck on the cheek. 308 more words

Social Media: The Illusion of Communication

Who, among us, doesn’t use social media daily? This means of communication has become an essential part of our life that can not be replaced. While many people underestimate the seriousness of its use, studies have revealed that it caused severe diseases, mainly psychological. 970 more words

Social Issues

Being brave...

I though it was time for a little test of my bravery, with the decline in the weather recently the fields have been a little too wet under foot to get out much on my normal ‘safe’ routes and I have been craving my nude fix, it’s madness but the tranquility and inner peace I get from being nude is something I find difficult to convey and I only notice it when I haven’t been able to be free and wild for a little bit. 380 more words

Nude appearance

I recently read on another bloggers site a fun post about appearance and nudity, they opened with something along the lines of “the only people who care about their appearance nude are pornstars”! 367 more words

an exhibitionist fantasy

we were down an alleyway in a very nightclubby part of town, and we were just out of the light from the street, and he hitched up my skirt, turned me to face the wall, and told me to fuck myself with two fingers in my cunt and one in my ass. 314 more words