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Who Am I?

I have Asperger syndrome, a high-functioning form of Autism. Although the condition is quite common and better known these days, I still believe that people only define it by its traits and behaviours. 313 more words


Hậu chia tay

“Chia tay anh, em không còn ai đợi mình ở đâu nữa, không còn ai khen em đẹp, không còn ai ủng hộ em, tự hào về em, không còn ai đùa giỡn cùng em, chọc em cười, làm em đỡ buồn, tranh luận cùng em, không còn ai quấn quýt bên em, không còn ai chịu đựng tính sớm nắng chiều mưa của em, không còn ai chia sẻ những phút giây hạnh phúc và những ý nghĩ u ám. 440 more words


Between Thee Kingdoms

Between azure oceans
And multifarious skies,
A kingdoms of innocent white,
Pure rolling magnificence,
Holds insubstantial presence
Over the realm of mankind,
What escapades they must hold!

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


Divine Creation (Worldwide) vs Man's Creation (Regional)

Man did not “create” the Earth, obviously. But, man did “create” how to view and perceive it. If you are not open to understanding the natural ways we are intertwined within this natural planet, the Universe, and each other, then I pray for your mind and your heart.”


It’s the scams that

don’t hurt anyone

that are the best.

The achievements

we make that blow

a raspberry in the face

of statistics are the best. 92 more words


Silent departures

But still
I hear a song,
A voice.
I smell,
I touch.
Always I tap into
His absence
And patiently smile at my heart.
In the gray in-between, 114 more words