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Ontology [Noun.]

The branch of metaphysics that addresses the nature or essential characteristics of being and of things that exist; that is to say, it the study of being qua being. 24 more words



Faulkner said he prefers pain over nothing.
Nothingness is worse than death,
It’s living like zombies following the rules,
Waking walking eating shitting fucking and… 592 more words

Grass (08/22/2014)

I long for the freedom

of the tall grass,

that dances in the wind,

free, alive, green,

Not the grass that grows

near trees,

patchy, short and sparse. 62 more words


A Theory of Everything

You begin as a point,
The essence of nothing.
But with two points,
We make a line.
And the line is eternal.

When your line meets another, 213 more words

Short Stories


The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:44pm

Everything I pick up

is self-referential

My Environment

conforms to My Mind

My Sky is My Sky

My Earth is All… 8 more words

Preface A Knight Tale

The heart
If we have no heart then we can’t really say that we feel or can be wounded. If we have a heart that means we feel and can be wounded and broken; but a great man in ways demands a greater element and its wounds deep in the oceans. 21 more words


On Land-Locked Gods And Praying Constantly

I recently got to experience what it was like to be an “ambassador” for my college over the weekend and the past couple of days. I was to be the host for some prospective students (promptly deemed as ‘ambassabros’) who expressed interest in experiencing “the college life”. 1,000 more words