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A Mini-Essay on Art

I came across these old drawings.  I did a lot of this sort of Sci-Fi art at one time.  When I made art to please myself, I enjoyed making pictures like this; when I went to art school, I found discouragement directed towards the Sci-fi themes—to the extent that I painted over a lot of my old work.  268 more words



The Hawk West Desk Window 10:05am

I am a very womanly woman:

I feed My Husband His Instant

Oatmeal –

later make Him a sandwich  – 42 more words

Short story: Are You Loveable (twenty-third)

“It’s getting hot,”  Paulette told Oliver.

He looked over his shoulder.  The elevator chimed.  Its doors jerked, but did not open.  A moment passed; they jerked again.  227 more words


Chapter Four: The Invisible Hand (seventeenth)

“Louis, this is Geoffrey Malcolm-Webb, Geoffrey, this is Louis Taggart.  I don’t have the honor of knowing the lady.”

Malcolm-Webb introduced Mrs. Branstadt.  Taggart’s performance was complicated.  398 more words


No Reason

A conversation I had recently asked why we are here?

Why are we alive?

What is the point of our existence?

This is an age old question which has been pondered over since man first became conscious of thought, and yet a question which, it seems, still remains unanswered. 375 more words


Digital Painting: Dance

Dance with the music,

Play with the music,

Whirl with the music,

Move in silence,

Let it sweep you,

Of your whole existence! 8 more words


Science and Prejudice

It was in the nineteenth century that sciences began to determine the total worldview of man. Prior to that century it was not so clear that science’s theoretical grasp of natural order based on the purely quantitative aspect of phenomena had anything to do with the reality of human existence. 480 more words