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Inheritance (Pt. 1)

The heart beats approximately seventy times per minute. And when you really take moment to think about all of the parts of our body that must function properly in order for one heartbeat to perform the way it is supposed to, there are no words that could capture how quite extraordinary human existence is. 589 more words

Signs of growing up as a 2nd generation Korean-American

(From personal experiences)..

1. You grew up not going to the doctor so you know home remedies and pressure points on your fingers that cure pain. 295 more words

Homo Sapien Evolution

Let things happen ;)

You don’t know what you are.

Let the existence take possession in you.

Just be aware of your madness. Have no fear. Don’t take the pressure of perfection. Let things happen.


Ongoing Project

When you think about it, life is just an ongoing project of yourself.  Problematically I am reduced to the limitations of time and space..

Homo Sapien Evolution

the cracked and the broken

My love for the cracked is an illicit affair of sorts.

I cannot see beauty in smooth, seamless, and polished beings.

Instead I look for the reassuring resilience in tortured and emancipated souls. 28 more words

The Ups And The Downs

Her Window of Time

Every morning she brushed her teeth, and she pulled the window curtain back to look out onto the world. She could see everything from her neighbor’s yard of dirt on her left to the church’s parking lot on her right, and in between them she saw the green, luscious yard of her own stretching three acres back to the tree line. 127 more words