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Walking with Socrates

There’s this game I play from time to time, which for lack of a better term I’ll call Walking with Socrates. In my imagination, the Greek philosopher has reincarnated and I am his guide through the modern world. 911 more words


existential with credentials

Delighted ghosts
gather for a roast,
but most are exposed
as sheeted compost
in the hosts
greeting toast.

Moss sheltered
leaves collect where
the wind has blown. 36 more words


Adventures in Research: Hidden Health Hazards

From the Fife Herald of Wednesday 21 January, 1885, “Death in the Wall Paper”

The story is about wallpaper of the Victorian era which contained arsenic and lead, used for creating blue and green pigments.  101 more words


Short story: Are You Loveable (forty-third)

A day or two after these events, city dwellers, stopping by newsstands—or picking up papers from newsies hawking them on street corners—said to themselves, “Hey, whadaya know.” 363 more words


Do You Wish to Feel Complete?

How many little moments does it take before you need to realize that your life really just isn’t what you want it to be? I have memories of when my life was fun and not so full of roadblocks. 385 more words

Mental Health

Revitalise your Soul by Slowing Down

Write Things Out By Hand

Take it from research psychologists Pam A. Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of the University of California, Los Angeles, just investigated how terrible laptops are for note-taking in classrooms. 

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The Hawk Corner Room 9:30am

The Wash Of Cloud

Radiates My Silver

Along The Ocean Strip

It Moves Across

My Window View

Urging Me My Grip