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Tonight, I discussed the nature of our existence with a friend (for 3 hours!!) and this analogy of how I view the world came to mind. 321 more words

Trust Much?

What does it mean to trust? The dictionary labels it as, “the confident expectation of something; hope.”  How can an ideal so significant have such a simple meaning, yet initiate so much pain? 265 more words


My heart beckons a weakening cry
My soul lingers to its last warmth of good
How can I never love and so many have
What is the heart if it is alone… 77 more words

I have given up making peace. I do not expect Justice for Myself anymore!

I tried and tried and tried, and talked and talked and talked, and explained and encouraged people to say the truth. But all my efforts were wasted. 88 more words


Musings and Struggles

The alarm rings, its one of those snazzy tunes of a smart phone, something called «Ripples», or «Slow Rise»; Those catchy names for catchy tunes that you hear ringing only too often in restaurants or in stores and yes lets not forget sometimes even in the movies; where they’re always such a bothersome interference with your engrossed sedation. 387 more words


Canned Peas

Canned Peas

Sun and Earth have never cared

For our conceptions

We mark our days

Of revolution and rotation

Plant our fields in rows of linearity… 118 more words



The Tomato-coloured Couch 1:22pm

I want to put Roses

on My Brother’s Grave

on His Stone

inscribed with The First Bar

of Fur Elise

He taught His Niece Eliza… 18 more words