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Elderly Man In Makeup To Travel United States Screeching About His Grandmother

Get ready America! Starting in October, a man qualified to receive Social Security benefits will travel this great nation howling like a banshee into an inverted cross microphone. 445 more words

Heavy Metal

Evan Gattis Is on the Disabled List, and All Humans Are Ants

Evan Gattis is on the disabled list.

Humans are ants traveling to and from their anthills motivated by an imaginary purpose that ends up the same as everything else, which is to suggest that the final sum of everything we attempt to do and know is undone and unknown. 331 more words


The existential dread of Mondays, Part I: The helplessness of Internet friends.

I’ve always believed that friends are where you find them, especially in the Internet age. I have a lot of friends that I consider to be very close that I’ve never met in real life. 480 more words


Musings I (I, myself, unemployed)

Day fifty-something in the life of I, myself, unemployed.

The overseas internship hunting continues, albeit at a snail’s pace. I think if nothing of significance happens tomorrow, I’ll reapply for several things. 245 more words

Existential Dread