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Midnight Screaming: The Fly (1986)

David Cronenberg has made a career out of abstracting science fiction and horror even as he corrodes it through pure, grotesque, bodily flesh. He produces cautionary tales about humanity rooted in oppressive, caterwauling imagery that directly appeals to our unconscious rather than logic. 1,502 more words


Rollie Fingers Has Gazed Into the Abyss and Emerged Unchanged

Rollie Fingers has gazed into the abyss and emerged unchanged.

Consider the act of approaching a single door at the end of a tight, bare hallway, and opening the door to find only another, and then but another, and so on until there are no more doors, but also no fool left to open them. 217 more words


If Breakfast Were Regulated Like Buildings

I am currently studying for my CSL license in MA. This is my take.

904.2. – Waffles

This section shall comply with NWAB 342.2.3.1, except where superseded by MGL 149.742.2.1, or explicitly stated herein. 137 more words