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If I Knew Then What I Know Now..

… would I still major in Literature?  


I’ve almost completed my bachelor’s degree to the tune of a hefty sum of loan debt and now I’m stuck thinking to myself “what’s next?” Well… Rather, I’ve been asking myself… 256 more words

12 Best Places to Have Sex (That Isn’t Your Bed)

We all know the feeling. You woke up late, missed the alarm. Where did your phone charger get off to now? You will never make it on 63% battery. 679 more words

Learn New Skills...Or Perish in the Flame of Existential Dread

Working as a Pharmacy Technician was okay at first, but after so many years it became a huge, annoying, demonic drag. As a young woman of 19 years at the time I stepped foot into the pharmacy tech industry, I was overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. 606 more words

Adobe Photoshop

Trapped By Life

I’m unsure of how I feel about this story, and I would appreciate any and all feedback.

Despite all of its effort, humanity never figured out why they were conscious. 1,672 more words