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Survival and stasis

She sat very still.

It was not certain for how long.

She didn’t move an inch

she just let her hair fall

her lips didn’t even tremble in the wind… 197 more words

Reflection #379

What makes a man who he is? Is it the worst things he’s ever done, or the best things he wants to be?

When you find  38 more words



“Aimless is my song… As is love, as life is aimless, As Creator and creation.” – Heinrich Heine

When stopped at an intersection, it does one no good to lament the loss of time. 976 more words


the man with the dented crucifix

isn’t a believer as such
but he finds succor
by clutching the thing to his chest
as he
walks and stalks
during the working hours… 214 more words


Alexandra, Late Night Plate Licker (or, They Can't All Be Gems)

Sitting in bed last night, plate of apples and almond butter on my lap, book propped up on a pillow, I munch away, reading while eating. 608 more words