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La Rentrée

My first few weeks back from the Christmas holidays have came and went and to be honest, I have hit a bit of a wall with being an au pair. 1,015 more words


The Power of Reinvention

When I was a young Dad, my favourite books to read with our daughter were from the create your own adventures series. Even as a child she had a rapier wit and daring sense of wonder. 1,009 more words


Dear schizophrenic guy at the bus stop,
I want to steal your words for a poem
because you speak the truth.
You know where dollar-fifty coffee only costs… 181 more words

alan watts, acceptance of death, many other things

i always name posts in 3s, but not on purpose. lying bitch in a whore-drobe.

this lecture, by the man with history’s most calming and trust inducing voice, is full of ideas that made me sit up with surprise at thinking them. 52 more words

Lars Von Trier's Melancholia And The Insight Of The Depressed

There is a moment during the disastrous wedding reception that kicks off Lars Von Trier‘s Melancholia that you suspect the reason Justine the bride is being so mysteriously, bafflingly, awkwardly morose, is that she is aware of an impending apocalypse, the one made imminent by a beautiful blue planet approaching the earth on a collision course. 494 more words


[LiFE] Research Proposal

Information today comes in many forms, leads onto many other forms, that lead onto their own reformations that inevitably lead onto consciousness and enlightenment past the box to which we look from but never look out of. 170 more words


Here is Simon Critchley talking at Cornell. Love Critchley’s scathing take on Bono at about 50 mins in.

What Bowie describes is a Büchnerian world of terror.

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