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Soccer, Obsession and Albert Camus - (Or, How a Geek Learned to Embrace Sports)

Throughout my life, with much short-sighted hubris, I had always viewed sports fans as somehow being low on the evolutionary scale. After all, the time allotted to each of us on this planet is brief, and any activity focused on groups of men, wearing the same costumes, moving a ball from one point of a field to another, seemed a monumental waste of time. 1,185 more words



In one month, I will be thirty years old. That means I have one month to do a whole lot of things I wanted to accomplish in my twenties. 653 more words


extinction report 9.19

I awaken to a shrill and searing noise, like a flatline
blip on high speed dub. The tiny hairs in my ears reel 
before dying. Standing over me is a man of… 137 more words

The Maladjusted Man

Sometimes, clothes are too big and too small. The air is too cold and too warm. Rarely is there an equilibrium. Rarely do things fit, and when they do, rarely does the feelings last. 1,135 more words


Update on "After the Flood"

I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday, reading some of the classic literature to pass the time, when I encountered Franz Kafka’s works, namely the Metamorphosis, his most famous title. 166 more words

Left is Right

Looking to the left,
Lies a two foot barricade
Beyond an open door.
Below the straight line
Of vision are the green fields,
The days where the brains… 123 more words


On “Sartre as Silent Partner: Reading Bhabha’s Existential Turn”

  1. General Remarks

Interest in the intersection between Jean-Paul Sartre and Jacques Lacan has been proposed in recent scholarship, but not without unjustly forcing an arguably rushed juxtaposition. 2,966 more words