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Last Christmas Dinner at Rent-a-Familys

The kale was sweet
Bitter the hen
Alien and angry firstborn that is not
Distant kind old world was the old king
Hard wired soft but strong but soft… 48 more words


Last Christmas eve at Rent-a-familys

Polyphony plays on Christmas Eve
Cantus firmus antiqua still strong
Countermelody sweet and true throws a mirror inversion:
The funeral procession of dead memories begin… 34 more words



Rows of crows
Black flies in day


The Moviegoer – quotes and extracts – 13

A regular young Rupert Brooke was I, —full of expectancy. Oh the crap that lies lurking in the English soul. Somewhere it, the English soul, received an injection of romanticism which nearly killed it. 40 more words

New Orleans


Ma and Pa Kettle had a romp in the futuristic house they won in a contest – the scene was from an old movie running on one of the flat screens in the Anderson’s new home. 1,151 more words

Speculative Fiction