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We are not immortal

When I was about six years old, I stumbled into our tiny lounge room in tears. I can’t remember what I’d been doing before that moment, but I remember standing in the middle of the lounge room, looking at our family photos and our hand-me-down couch, and crying like I don’t think I’d cried since I was too young to speak. 467 more words


What Is Existence? - Part 1

What is existence? Why does it matter? Existence is what ever you want it to be. Existence matters only to the person who believes they exist. 748 more words


Ten Years of Spanish Life--Oh God Why?

Tomorrow, 21 October 2014, marks ten years since I arrived in Spain.

Besides the obvious questions this raises–Where exactly did my life go? Why am I still here?–I feel pretty good about it. 740 more words

10.20.14 1:54 PM

let's talk of
the dead things,
I've got me a
cold deck,
organic wine,
spaghetti westerns
with the
let's talk of
the things long dead,
victories on the
absentee cards,
declared over
men we carved from straw,
or into totems that
vanish. 21 more words

The New Professional

People change careers an average of 5 – 7 times in a lifetime. Yet according to another source, 80% of individuals over 45 consider career changes, yet only 6% ever actually do it. 615 more words


New Self

You have to get over it. The beatings, the humiliation, the tainting teasing terrordome aggravations lashing away at the temples. All that inappropriate touching you’ve made a bigger deal out of. 198 more words