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Egyptian academic demands Israel return the gold -- taken during the Exodus!

It is a bit humorous, but an Egyptian academic is demanding Israel repay all the gold and silver taken, when God delivered Israel out of Egypt. 650 more words


Roger Goodell And The NFL’s Week From Hell

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!  Whew!  Poor Roger Goodell.  He’s taking a licking, and the poor guy is barely ticking.  742 more words


Spidey-Subs: Is Spider-Man wrong for the X-men?

By now you have probably heard that Spider- Man will be taking a little direction from the soon to be deceased Wolverine and will take over as Counsellor/substitute teacher at the Jean Grey School. 1,646 more words


How to Raise Your Hand During a Test

In Exodus Chapter 17 the children of Israel continued on in their journey from the wilderness of “Sin” on their way to Mount “Sin”ai. Perhaps they thought… 945 more words


Podcast: The God In-Between

Here’s the message I preached on Sunday, September 14, 2014, titled “The God In-Between.” The lectionary reading for that Sunday was Exodus 14:19-31, and continues the story of God with the nation of Israel from Abraham through the Exodus experience. 14 more words

Sermon Illustrations

Dealing With Xavier's Original Sin

I think I’m over not learning more about Xavier’s will for now. With this weeks December solicitations showing that we are going to have to wait till then til we find out what’s in the rest of the will, that gives me a time frame, and I’m not waiting with bated breath each month for another tidbit. 798 more words


Bible Tales for Ages 18 and Up (new excerpt)

Bible Tales for Ages 18 and Up, by G. Richard Bozarth, is back from the printer and is available in bookstores and from online retailers. 2,540 more words