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graceless part II

At one-thirty in the morning, when Grace realized she could not sleep, she trudged back to the kitchen to grab her ice cream once more. 1,345 more words

Short Story

My little brother was possessed by a demon.

Kids, as a general rule are fucked up, they say weird shit and they have no shame. Kids will look you in the eye, take off all their clothes and declare their penis ‘a monster’ and then chase you around with it. 573 more words

The Future is Scary: Deliver Us From Evil

If you’re anything like me and you hear a title like Deliver Us From Evil, you get skeptical. Sounds like the usual fare and has a good chance of being forgettable. 300 more words


graceless part I

i’ve been crazy busy with the end of school.  i haven’t had a chance to post on any of my blogs.  so here’s what i got for ya.  1,419 more words

Short Story

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel: Medical Odyssey and Signs of Possession

This is a story in four parts.

Part II

* * * * *

After having been out of school for almost a year and with all her classmates two years younger than herself Anneliese seemingly became a loner and depressed. 1,096 more words


Is "Heaven Is for Real" for Real?: An Exercise In Discernment | thebereancall.org

Is “Heaven Is for Real” for Real?: An Exercise In Discernment | thebereancall.org.

Well, I have to stir the kettle on this debatable topic.  At Easter dinner on Sunday the discussion turned to the movie coming out called Heaven Is For Real, based on a book written by the father of a 3-year-old boy who claims he went to heaven and saw Jesus and others.   280 more words

Biblical Thinking

Since When Does Baseball Perform Exorcisms???

The Yankees game went into extra innings yesterday, Modern Philosophers.

I’m usually all for longer games, especially when I’m able to watch my favorite team, but yesterday, I would’ve been content with a regulation nine innings. 530 more words