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The Reality of Spiritual Warfare - Orthodoxy vs. Heresy (Mark 1:21-28)

Charismatics often look to passages such as this in order to justify elaborate theories, really speculations, about how a Christian minister ought to cast out a demon. 362 more words


Denomic Narratives and Contemporary Religious Experience

Really excited to be participating in the Balyor Fatih and Film conference at the end of this week. Here’s the outline that I’ll be using for my part of the panel presentation. 1,494 more words

American Religion

Cempazúchitl (Marigolds)

Angela: I feel like I am lying on dirt. There is an image of a thorny cross right above me, a wooden cross. It is surrounded by a lot of shrubbery and thorns. 2,533 more words


Ex Satanist - Gina Marisa's Story.

Gina Marisa, was once involved in Satanism. The Holy Spirit drew her gloriously to Jesus and she became His beloved daughter. Hallelujah!

Gina kindly gave me permisson to share her testimony below. 1,040 more words


SATURDAY READING: Exorcism As Therapy, Michael W. Cuneo

From American Exorcism

During the 1980s charismatic deliverance ministry in the United States seemed intent on settling down, finding its bearings, getting a grip on itself.   7,455 more words

Saturday Reading

The Bockhampton Road Murders


Reverend Bernard Paltoquet pulled out the sheet of paper from his wordprocessor and added it to the manuscript pile beside him on the desk. It had taken him many years to discover the truth behind the tragic events in that small, insignificant South London terraced house, and now at last his work was done. 377 more words

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brǣþ, m.n: an odour, a scent, smell (good or bad); breath. Looks like this fellow’s brǣþ is bad.

Image: Exorcism performed by Pope Leo IX. Passionary, Weissenau, 12th century.  12 more words

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