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She from whom He cast out seven devils

The Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene

The Gospels tell us that early in the morning of the first day of the week, during that hour of the day that is the bridge between darkness and light, a group of women went to visit a tomb in a garden outside Jerusalem. 377 more words


Simple Atheism IV: Skepticism

Ahhh skepticism! I’ve previously noted that atheism is a pretty simple concept—it’s just not accepting a belief in a deity. And in that, a person may actually believe any number of other, often equally absurd nonsense. 2,917 more words


Horror Clichés in need of an Exorcism

(This article was inspired by a conversation in Red Letter Media‘s review of Deliver Us From Evil, check it out)

In film, certain paranormal plot devices have overstayed their welcome: exorcisms, found footage movies, forbidden objects sold at the mall, and the claim that there’s a true story behind them all. 1,755 more words


The Night My House Was Exorcised, Sort Of.

Have you ever had a really embarrassing deed haunt you for years? This is one of mine. Set the Wayback Machine for the late 1980s: 3,970 more words




A day, Saturday is, to Banish negative Energies and Spirits and let us not forget that some of that negativity relates to Bad Habits that you may want to rid yourself of or help those who seek your ability… 143 more words

Magickal Arts

Hillary Clinton Posessed By The Devil

From our friends at The Weekly World News

JORDAN – Mideast leaders agree – Satan has taken control of Hillary Clinton’s body.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who has been in the mideast trying to broker a deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians, has been acting extremely odd in recent days. 387 more words