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The possession

I quite liked this film as it wasn’t just a stereotypical possession film, for example the Jewish exorcism which was strangely and quite nicely different. Another thing that was quite cool but strange is the part where you see the fingers in the back of her throat. 80 more words


The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel: The Childhood Years

This is a story in four parts.

* * * * *

Anneliese Michel was born into a Catholic, middle class family who owned their own business – a sawmill – on 21 September 1952. 845 more words


The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel: Introduction

As promised and decided upon by popular vote, the next couple of posts will be on the life and tragic death of Anneliese Michel. Quite a lot of my research is based on these two books by Felicitas D. 427 more words


Drowning: the History of Blessing of Water

For today’s Throwback Thursday, let’s get wet!


Since summer is fast approaching, and a possible demon apocalypse as well, it would be just right to discuss one of our  991 more words


How traditional Africans treat clinical depression

The writer Andrew Solomon used to suffer from depression.  A friend of his who lived in Senegal said the people there had a traditional cure for depression.   401 more words


Children; witches??? How inhumane!!!

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In the town of Esit Eket, on the southern edge of West Africa, in Nigeria, hundreds of children are abused, poisoned and chained to trees, or simple beaten or chased into the bush by their own parents. 691 more words

Child Right

Father Karras in The Exorcist

The Exorcist (1973) is a film chronicling the possession of a young girl, and the psychological journey of the priest who performs her exorcism. After seeing the film for about the dozenth time, and reading Carol Clover’s chapter detailing this and other occult films in… 290 more words